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Report of Park Slope Coop Protest against the BDS Workshop who is upset that Soda Stream is displacing Bedouins in the Negev


We stood outside of the Park Slope Food Coop in the chilling penetrating rain handing out fliers.  I've done this before but was surprised at the number of people going in and out of the Coop and even just passing by who refused to even take the flier.

The Park Slope Coop does $1 million of business per week. $50 million a year.  Many Brooklynites, representing all Nationalities, including Jews of all persuasions, including a substantial number from neighboring Lubavitch Community of Crown Heights, do their shopping while helpful Coop Members with their welcoming Coop Vests serve the shoppers in every way possible.  They offer affordable, healthy produce. The Coop is a pleasant place to shop and meet friends and neighbors.

But that is no longer the case for 4 long standing members who have been suspended for protesting the General Committees BDS Agenda items.

For the past 8 years BDS has infiltrated the Coop trying to force an antiSemitic BDS Agenda the agenda of the Coop. 

It appears like many Park Slope Coop members had been "educated", (indoctrinated is a better word), as per the righteousness of the Palestinian cause.   Even many Jewish Park Slope Coop Members  support BDS as they have been educated to believe that the Palestinians are victims of the awful Israeli Occupation,  having to wait long hours at checkpoints and that many Palestinians are victims of Terror by Israel who is "Occupying the West Bank Palestinian Territory".

I did my best to explain to those who had a very biased and anti Israel education,  quite likely coming from the Park Slope Food Coop Gazette and Reading Groups, that the Checkpoints were to prevent terror attacks which was commonplace on roads in Judea and Samaria accessed by both Settlers and Palestinians.  A sizable number of Palestinians in a recent survey defend road terror on the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria and on Israel's civilian population in general .  They throw rocks, ram their vehicles into civilians waiting at populated bus stops and go on stabbing sprees which are encouraged by Imams at the mosque. The Palestinian population,  glorify the terrorists, naming schools and institutions after them and educate their children to die as martyrs against the "Israeli Occupation".  Children practice and play stabbing Jews and Infidels, carrying suicide belts and playing with rock throwing dolls.  It is for this reason that roadblocks for the Palestinians are necessary and justified. Once Palestinians put a stop with the constant terror education and attacks on Israeli civilians, then surely there would no longer be a need for checkpoints. 

I also attempted to explain that what they consider to be the murder of  innocent Palestinian lives was actually Israeli's, both armed civilians and military,  killing Palestinian terrorists who were engaged in acts of terror against innocent Israeli civilians defending their very lives.  There are weekly terror attempts counting in the hundreds.   

The Park Slope Food Coop has done an amazing job at brainwashing a sizable percentage of their membership.

But even more upsetting was that those that understood that BDS is a terror front did not want to address the theological foundation of the entire BDS narrative. 

If the Palestinians are accusing Israel of Occupying Palestinian Territories that is precisely the point we must address.   This is what justifies their armed struggle.  It justifies their terror attacks. They see a moral equivalency between Palestinian attacking Jews Occupying their land and Jews whom they claim are terrorists because they are defending themselves. 

This brings us to a more fundamental question. Is our fight against BDS merely a political fight or is it a religious fight as well? For the Arabs it is clearly a religious battle and they call it Jihad. 

We can only beat them by disabling their religious justifications that they use to defend their weapons.  Unless we can assert our Biblical Claim to the Land of Israel, all other claims that are based on legal and security arguments alone are dismissed by our enemies.

Many Jews are afraid to speak about G-d and the Torah. 

Jews feel threatened for good reason.

Har HaBayit: Giving a Tour - Mistaken as a Gentile and then recognized as a Jew. by Shalom Pollack

Mentioning our connection to Temple Mount, Har HaBayit is like opening up a Pandora's box. UNESCO recently has gone out of it's way disconnecting Israel from its Biblical roots.  UNESCO as well has gone out of their way to disconnect any Jewish Connection from the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Rachel's Tomb and Joseph's Tomb,

Bringing up these basic Biblical historical facts generates great fear as they are met with accusations of offending and provoking Muslim sensitivities.  

in addition, when we bring up that the Torah is the foundation of universal morality, Jews steer clear of this discussion as well experiencing great discomfort especially if they are atheists.  This reaction was quite evident today in Park Slope.  

Our enemies understand better than ourselves the Biblical root foundation of our rights to the Land and this causes them to bully, intimidate and tantrum whenever we come close to the source by mentioning the Bible.

Confronting lies with truth surely has its downsides but how else can we defend their accusations that Israel has stolen Palestinian Land which then justifies terror masquerading as an "armed struggle against the Occupation of Palestine".  

Better that we are met with hostile indignation than endless terror attacks. 

Let us speak about the Torah and the the Biblical Path to Peace, the 7 Noahide Laws. 

Let us speak of the Biblical Boundaries Promised by G-d to the Nation of Israel as delineated in the Bible. This delineation includes all of Judea and Samaria.  Temple Mount is the focal point.

Furthermore, the Balfour Declaration, the Mandate of Palestine of the League of Nations and the San Remo Resolution  of April 25, 1920  and the League of Nations awards the Nation of Israel,  a historical and legal right to the Land of Israel inclusive of Judea and Samaria which is consistent with our Biblical claim as well. 

Wars fought and won in 1948 and 1967 further supports our claim to the Land  inclusive of Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria based on rules of International Warfare. Otherwise, America would need to give back the 50 States to the Native Indians. 

We are now approaching the 50th Year anniversary of the 6 Day War in 1967. It is a time to celebrate a glorious victory that was accomplished only because of Divine Intervention and Open Miracles.  Let us declare, Dror Freedom from foreign occupation whether it comes from unwanted Palestinian Statehood or from the United Nations being egged on by the Obama Administration!  

Vehaya Hashem Lamelech Al Kol Haaretz Bayom Hahoo Yiheh Hashem Echad Ushmo Echad: And it will be that G-d will be the King over the entire earth on that day He will be One and His Name will be One.

San Remo: The Forgotten Milestone
By Salomon Benzimra, April 26th 2015

Ninety five years ago, prime ministers, ambassadors and other
dignitaries from Europe and America gathered in the Italian Riviera.
Journalists from around the world reported on the upcoming San Remo
Peace Conference and the great expectations the international
community placed on this event, just a year after the Paris Peace
Conference had settled the political map of Europe at the end of World
War One.

On Sunday, April 25, 1920, after hectic deliberation, the Supreme
Council of the Allied Powers (Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan and
the U.S. acting as an observer) adopted the San Remo Resolution -- a
500 word document which defined the future political landscape of the
Middle East out of the defunct Ottoman Empire.

This Resolution led to the granting of three Mandates, as defined in
Article 22 of the 1919 Covenant of the League of Nations.  The future
states of Syria-Lebanon and Iraq emerged from two of these Mandates
and became exclusively Arab countries.  But in the third Mandate, the
Supreme Council recognized the "historical connection of the Jewish
people to Palestine and the grounds for reconstituting their national
home in that country" while safeguarding the "civil and religious
rights" of the non-Jewish population.

Subsequently, the British limited the Jewish Homeland in Palestine to
the area west of the Jordan River and allowed eastern Palestine to be
gradually administered by the Hashemites.  The territorial expansion
to the east eventually gave birth to the Kingdom of Transjordan, later
renamed Jordan in 1950.

The importance of the San Remo Conference with regard to Palestine
cannot be overstated:

For the first time in history, Palestine became a legal and political entity;
The Jewish people were recognized as the national beneficiary of the
trust granted to Britain in Palestine for the duration of the Mandate
-- a "sacred trust of civilization" as per the League Covenant;
The Balfour Declaration of 1917 -- which "viewed with favour" the
establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine -- was now to be
"put into effect"and thus became a binding act of international law;
The de jure sovereignty of Palestine was vested in the Jewish people,
though it was kept in abeyance until the Mandate expired in 1948;
The terms of the San Remo Resolution were included in the Treaty of
Sèvres and remained unchanged in the finally ratified Treaty of
Lausanne of 1923.
The Arabs received equivalent national rights in all the remaining
parts of the Middle East -- over 96% of the total area formerly
governed by the Ottoman Turks).

The San Remo Conference was hailed as a major historical milestone.
Celebrations were held throughout the world with tens of thousands of
people marching in London, New York and Toronto.  But the Arabs of
Palestine, led by the Mufti of Jerusalem, were strongly opposed to any
form of national Jewish homeland: the first anti-Jewish riots erupted
in Jaffa just before the San Remo Conference convened -- a harbinger
of the violent Arab rejectionist stance that continues to threaten the
existence of Israel to this day.

While the Middle East peace process has been going on for over two
decades, it is astonishing that San Remo and the ensuing Mandate for
Palestine have hardly been mentioned.  Is it deliberate? Is it a mere
omission?  How could there be peace and reconciliation without
acknowledging fundamental historical and legal facts?

Middle-East diplomacy has often relied on "constructive ambiguity", a
concept earlier introduced by Henry Kissinger to keep the dialogue
open and avoid discussing core issues deemed problematic.  In the
ongoing peace process, the ambiguity of language did not produce
constructive results.  On the contrary, layer upon layer of
distortions and gross falsehoods piled up over the initial ambiguity
of "land for peace."

When the notion of "occupation" took root, it soon turned into
"illegal occupation", then "brutal oppression" and, finally,
"apartheid" which is a crime against humanity in international law.
Once corrupted language describes a distorted reality and the
distortion spreads, thought becomes corrupt and any resulting action
is bound to fail.

Commemorating the San Remo Conference should be more than a mere
remembrance. It enjoins us to consider the legal reach of the binding
decisions made in 1920 and to ensure that we do not entertain
incompatible positions when political expediency clashes with
unassailable rights enshrined in international law, namely the
acquired rights of the Jewish people in their ancestral land.  No
wonder the Palestinian Authority -- intent on eliminating the "Zionist
entity," as spelled out in the PLO Charter -- abhors the provisions of
the San Remo Resolution, which they view as the root of a catastrophe
engineered by "Zionist gangs."

In reality, the San Remo Resolution and the ensuing clauses of the
Mandate for Palestine are akin to a treaty entered into and executed
by each and every one of the 52 member states of the League of
Nations, in addition to the United States which is bound by a separate
treaty with Great Britain, ratified in 1925.

So next time you hear about the "occupation of the West Bank" and its
supposedly "illegal settlements" -- an almost daily occurrence in the
discourse of the Palestinian Arabs and their supporters -- you should
remember that this territory, as the rest of Israel, was lawfully
restored to the Jewish people in 1920 and its legal title has been
internationally guaranteed and never revoked ever since.  Any
negotiation toward achieving a lasting peace should be based on this

Last but not least, San Remo marks the end of the longest colonization
period in history. After 1,850 years of foreign occupation, oppression
and banishment by a succession of foreign powers (Romans, Byzantines,
Sassanid Persians, Arabs, Crusaders, Mameluks and Ottoman Turks), the
Nation of Israel was reborn in April 1920, thus paving the way for the
proclamation of the State of Israel 28 years later.  This liberation
from foreign rule should normally be celebrated by all the progressive
elites who have traditionally supported every national freedom
movement.  But it isn't so, for reasons that defy reason.

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This Sunday May 1st Noon: PSFC (Park Slope Food Coop) BDS Meeting about the "Displacement of Bedouin Palestinians in Israel" and Soda Streams Role. COME AND PROTEST!!!!!

Please protest another BDS promotion workshop at the Food Coop


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