Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jewish extremist Meir Ettinger to be released from detention | Jewish Telegraphic Agency


Glad to hear the news but not from JTA which continues to report lies and half truths and slander on hilltop youth. JTA a supposedly newsworthy source, base their facts on the Shin Bet who have used very questionable tactics to force confessions from the hilltop youth. Other than these questionable confessions which self incriminate the suspects, I have not heard or seen real evidence.

Have the 3 suspects been convicted? As far as I know they have been indicted.  Is an indictment the same as a conviction?

Apparently they have been convicted by JTA. Since when is JTA a court of law?

Many believe higher ups behind Shin Bet accusations and indictments should be put on trial for being responsible for torturing Administrative Detention detainees, eg  hilltop youth w/o any justification other than to silence their ideas and slander and libel them. Arabs apparently feel similarly. People want authentic justice and not scapegoats be it  Jew or non Jew.

JTA should be put on trial for misleading reports resulting in libel and slander against hilltop youth.


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