Friday, May 13, 2016

Israeli "Occupation of Palestine"? The False Given that justifies BDS, Justifies Terror attacks, and Justifies Billions of $'s of International Aid.


Dear Knesset Member in light of PM Netanyahu's betrayal of Israel and Judea and Samaria in his quest of incorporating a Left Wing Agenda with Herzog in the Steering wheel into the government,  we say STOP!  DANGER!

Jews have a Given.  Their Given is that  Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria belongs to Jews as Promised by G-d to our Forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob as an everlasting inheritance for them and for their their seed, the Nation of Israel.  Read the Bible!  Ask any Rabbi! It is a fundamental Truth of Judaism!

Palestinians have their Given. Their Given is that the Land belongs to the Palestinians people and that the Jews stole their land and are the illegal and wrongful "Occupiers" of Palestinian Territory.

The Jew's Given is accurate and truthful. The Palestinian's Given is a Lie. 

The Bible, History, Archaeology, International Mandates and Agreements together with military conquest all support the Jewish claim and not the Palestinian claim.

Please note that these are mutually exclusive Given's. That makes it an either or situation.  Either the Land rightfully belongs to the Jews or the Land rightfully belongs to the Palestinians.  One who suggests to divide the Land should recall the litigation brought before King Solomon between two women who claim the baby as their own. 

Split the baby the false mother cried out. 

Imagine a  homeless person coming  to your home begging for mercy. You allow him to stay in your basement.   It doesn't take long before he and his extended family tells you, the rightful owner, that you were occupying Their house.  They demand that they take control of kitchen.  Would you negotiate with them?  Would you agree to their terms?

Let's assume you were of healthy mind and spirit and threatened them that they had better leave your home. Now let us assume that they have the cameras on standby capturing the moment when you were being "oppressive" and they the victim. You are scared to look bad in front of the cameras.

Clearly, whether or not the owner of this house is oppressive depends on the context and the truthfulness of their Given.  Is their claim of ownership valid?  If the owner is the true owner, he legally and morally has every right to throw someone out of his home.  An outsider observer will possibly misunderstand the context and bemoan his hateful behavior.  A legit court will not.  

A true owner is not oppressing the trespasser when he demands that he leaves.
The true Owner is standing up for his rights and his family's rights and is of sound heart and mind.. 

What is the  point to argue whether or not the Palestinians are an oppressed Nation out of context? 

Let us agree temporarily that both sides appear oppressed.  

The Palestinians have to wait on long lines at checkpoints, and they argue that many of their children who have been "terribly frustrated" living in terrible conditions have resorted to violence because of Israel's "Occupation". Assuming all this appears true.  This indignant outrage is clearly unjustified when their Given is exposed to be false and that they are not the real owners of the Land of Israel as they falsely claim. 

The Palestinians rely on this false Given to justify victimhood, boycotting Israel and terror. 

Incidentally, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust began with boycotting Jewish Stores. 

This false Given feeds and empowers BDS, encourages terror attacks against Israel's soldiers and civilians alike, and justifies what they call " The resistance" or "an armed Struggle" to Free Palestine. Billions of Dollars of International Aid flow to Palestinians Terror based on a this false narrative. 

The only way to fight BDS, and fight the wave of terror throughout Israel and put an end to the non-ending influx of $'s funding terror activity,  is to powerfully assert our rightful ownership of Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria. By doing so, we destroy any justification they have for perpetuating BDS, terror and its funding. 
.  This Native American seems to have hit the nail on the head. Too bad he isn't the  Prime Minister of Israel who can't seem to acknowledge nor speak the Truth of our Heritage. Rather our PM chooses to take the side of the false Mother who says "split the Child". For Shame. He has forfeited his right to lead the people of Israel.   
Indigenous activist advocates for Israelis' 'Native' rights.  A self-proclaimed Zionist, Alberta-based Ryan Bellerose urges Jews to unflinchingly maintain control and access over their ancestral lands


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