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Mike Huckabee and John Bolton at Concert in the Park - Concert with a Message - Showered with Love from the One Above


As many of us who were there know or heard, the concert was interrupted halfway through, due to thunderstorms.  The park was full to capacity only 2 hours after the concert began and the police had already started closing the gates to the concert area,  According to a policeman that I asked,  the area of the concert was filled to capacity, not even allowing the last of the Parade marchers to enter.  This occurred a half hour before the rain actually started coming down in force. 

My husband who marched with ZOA, one of the last groups to march in the parade, did not get into the area of the concert because they had closed the gates. I was told as well that the threatening clouds might have factored into their decision and that NYPD closed the area during thunderstorms.

Having made it into the concert area earlier to meet my friend Renanah, I can attest to the amazing enthusiasm of the crowd and the positive energy that we all experienced on behalf of Israel. 

I feel we need to look at the bright side of things. Even though we were all very disappointed to have to leave the concert at the height of it's glory due to the thunderstorm, and I felt sad not only for myself and my family but also for the organizers  Dr. Joseph and Karen Frager, Dr. Paul and Drora Brody as well as Tzvika Bornstein who produced it, and all the others who put in tremendous Kochos, efforts not to mention resources and funding,  I felt for those who flew in specifically to participate in the concert and for those who didn't get a chance to perform or to speak. I truly hope that the organizers will come through with a rain check so that we can finish this concert at a future date.  We don't want to feel gypped out in any way..hint hint....(ok sponsors...please convince them to reschedule...)

 But after having marched or stood all day watching the parade go by, in the heat and sun and humidity,  the rain was also a welcome relief and blessing.  Many didn't pass up the golden opportunity to open their mouth's and drink in the large raindrops, envisioning Israel's great happiness when they are blessed with rain.  It was truly refreshing for our group to get drenched.  People took it all in stride in spite of the screeching. We enjoyed getting wet, at least initially....There was no resentment to G-d at least from I can tell and everyone was having fun singing in the rain.  ...

...Personally, I felt that the spirit of the concert was like a seed being watered.  Everyone knows that it takes a while to see the actual growth and fruit of the seed.  First it needs to be watered and then nurtured with sun and rain.  Finally after being patient and being diligent and conscientious, we see the fruits of our labor.  Hazorim BeDima BeRena Yikzoru.  Those who plant with tears will reap with Joy. 

So I am watering the seed and presenting to you the words of wisdom from America's Finest.  

It is with great joy I present to you presidential candidates former Governor Mike Huckabee and the Honorable John Bolton, great friends of Israel, both who were present at the Concert and were taped and interviewed by Israel National News.  Please enjoy listening to them as I did,  and most importantly, please shower what they had to say on others.  Here are some of Huckabee's points!

  • The hand of the Almighty has preserved and protected Israel and has given the land to the Jews after 2000 years of being scattered across the earth. 
  •  Boundaries of Israel are not given by the United Nations but by an Almighty G-d. These boundaries he states, can be affirmed by man but not reshaped by man. 
  •  In an interview with Arutz7 Mr. Huckabee openly rejects a 2 State Solution. says openly "So if there is a two state solution, the Palestinian State, must be outside the boundaries of the Nation of Israel. " 
  • he calls a 2 State Solution, with 2 governments, sharing the same real estate and streets as irrational and unworkable. He said it's time to call quits to playing this pretentious game..

Mike Huckabee @ Israel Day Concert (Transcript)

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