Monday, June 22, 2015

JCCWatch is working on Tikkun (fixing) UJA Federation! Will UJA finally admit they are wrong? UJA enriches, empowers Israel's bashers and enemies through their "Israel" funds.


Tikkun Olam, fixing, perfecting the world is a very lofty ideal.

Yet, before fixing the world,  (Tikkun Olam), one must work on perfecting oneself as well. 

JCCWatch, founder Richard Allen,  is hard at work doing Tikkun (perfecting) UJA Federation.  Will UJA finally admit they are wrong? UJA has enriched, empowered Israel's bashers and enemies through UJA's "Israel" Jewish Communal Fund.  Yes, you heard right!  Israel's enemies, not Israel. Here is a link to an excellent post on Arutz7 by Susie Dym spokesperson of Mattot Arim.

An interview with Richard Allen of JCCWatch and other related posts.

To quote Richard Allen   I see the leadership of the UJA-Federation abandoning the guiding principle of support for the land and people of Israel. Let's all say the buck stops here, take responsibility, and reject BDS, so next year, we all march together in the Israel Day Parade and work for a strong and secure Israel and Jewish community."

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