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Video: Min. Narftali Bennett supports PM Netanhu's address to Congress on CNN. CNN, Obama, JSTreet not to be trusted...


Video: Min. Naftali Bennett supports PM Netanyahu's address to Congress on CNN  Thank you IMRA for forwarding

Is JStreets' Poll to be trusted? 

Op-Ed: Exposé: Phony J Street Poll on Iran

It's all in the wording of the question. How to lie with statistics.

CNN relies on a JStreet Poll that reports that 84% of American Jews support nuclear deal with Iran!!

Now I would like to know why would American Jews want Iran to enrich uranium?  

Are American Jews so stupid?  

How would they feel if Iran, with their hatred of Western values and Society,  took over Canada or Mexico with their enriched Uranium?  

Would for that matter, any sane American  want them as a neighbor? 

Clearly CNN wants to make American Jews feel like they have to choose between being a loyal American who supports American Foreign Policy under Obama or between being Jewish.  The implication  being that if you don't support American Foreign Policy you are disloyal American.  They want to invent a rift between Jews.  An old story.....

Let them conduct a poll that shows that 84% of Americans would support enriched Iranian Uranium if Iran would take over Canada or Mexico.  

We know that what is good for Israel is good for America, and is good for the world!

CNN is not to be trusted.  Obama is not to be trusted.   JStreet is not to be trusted.  

In G-d We Trust! Yisroel Btach BaHashem (Israel trusts in G-d)  


Coverage Of Paris Terrorism 1-9-15. CNN Tries To Convince Viewers Attack On Kosher Market Was Not Anti-Semitic.  
CNN, ABC and NBC Won't Show Mohammed Cover, FOX and CBS Do

Obama  White House struggles with Obama comment on 'random' Paris attack

Outcry erupts in the U.S. after President Barack Obama says "a bunch of folks" were "randomly" shot at the kosher supermarket in Paris on Jan. 9, ignoring the anti-Semitic motivations of the Islamic terrorist who carried out the attack. The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff

(Interesting how CNN and Obama will interpret today's attack on the Great Synagogue in central Copenhagen, Denmark,

JStreet ...

supports a Fatah-Hamas unity government.  Need we say more?

Dear Friend of Israel,  I could not believe my ears.
During the recent Gaza war, as Hamas rockets rained on Israeli cities, the White House froze weapon resupplies to Israel after it tapped pre-positioned U.S. stockpiles.  No matter that a Pentagon official was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying, "No presidential approval or sign-off by the secretary of state was required. The standard review process was properly followed."
Friends on Capitol Hill tell EMET they have had to "work around" the White House to maintain close cooperation with Israel.

What's more, a letter circulating in the U.S. Senate urging the U.S. work with the Palestinian Authority Fatah-Hamas unity government has won support from JStreet and an older, more established, pro-Israel organization.  The letter would require new U.S. funds to train PA security forces, pay Gaza salaries, and rebuild Gaza – effectively rewarding Gaza for its recent war on Israel.  The Jerusalem Post says the position of the older, more established, pro-Israel organization "signals a sharp change," only weeks after having advocated Congress penalize the PA for joining ranks with Hamas.


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