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fyi:Parshat Zachor! March 3rd 2015. Rally Against Nuclear Iran. ZOA US Capitol 9am. Kudo's to the group in Canada who are gathering in Protest as well across fromo American Consulate.


Dear Renanah, amv"sh

Yasher Koach and Shabbat Shalom!  "Eit Tzara LeYehudim". A Time of Trouble for Israel.  

Now is the time to gather the Jews!  Lech Knos es Kol Hayehudim.  Esther tells Mordechai, Go  gather all the Jews.  You are an inspiration....  So is the ZOA Thursday, February 26, 2015
ZOA Urges Attendance At Rally Supporting PM Netanyahu Speech At U.S.
Zionist Organization of America At U.S. Capitol on Tuesday March 3, 2015, 9 am. This is the 12th of Adar. 

Leich Kenos Es Kol HaYehudim:  One Year Ago we can see an example of how we can gather the masses

At the time of this gathering, in other Jewish locales across the globe, asifos tefillah, prayer gatherings, were held to demonstrate solidarity with acheinu Bnei Yisroel, our brothers and sisters, in Eretz Yisroel.

Unfortunately this great gathering of Jews was not to pray against the existential threat of Iran or ISIS.  Rather is was to protest the Israeli  Government and the Chareidi Draft, the military draft for the religious soldiers. 

 Makes no sense. Is the gov't of Israel more problematic than IRAN or ISIS?????

Not going on the internet has its downside.  Today, in  5775, the year 2015 according to the secular calendar, if one is shielded from the horrible news reports of what ISIS and IRAN are up to, then one doesn't  acknowledge the threat nor see the need to defend oneself of this very real danger!

 "Do not think that you will escape the fate of all the Jews by being in the king's palace. For if you will remain silent at this time, relief and salvation will come to the Jews from another source, and you and the house of your father will be lost. And who knows if it is not for just such a time that you reached this royal position."

Esther agreed to approach the king. But she asked Mordechai to gather all the Jews in Shushan and let them all fast for three days and nights. And after this fast Esther would put her life in her hands and approach the king.

Mordechai complied with Esther's request. He gathered the Jews of Shushan – especially the children, 22,000 of them – and they fasted, repented and prayed to G‑d."

This seems to be the proper approach at this time.  Netanyahu is coming in to speak to Congress on the 11th of Adar, Now is the time to really start praying for Hashem's salvations WHICH IS TO STOP IRAN and ISIS FROM ITS PLAN TO ANNIHILATE THE JEWS (and all the infidels). 

The parallels of the Purim story is depicted in this post.

עת צרה ליעקב 

באיזה יום בחר המן, על ידי ה"פור" (גורל), להשמיד את ישראל? באיזה יום התרחש ה"ונהפוך הוא" בו היהודים, במקום להיהרג, הגנו על עצמם והרגו את אויביהם? חוששני כי רוב (האנשים יענו שהכל התרחש בי"ד אדר, התאריך של חג הפורים. אך במגילה מפורש כי התאריך הנכון הוא י"ג אדר (אסתר ג', יג ו-ט', .

לדורות, י"ג באדר נקבע כ"תענית אסתר", יום צום כזכר למלחמה שהתלקחה בתאריך זה "שהוא עת צרה וצריך הייתה רחמי שמים" (משנה ברורה תרפו, ב). לעומתו חג פורים בי"ד באדר אינו מציין את יום הניצחון המלחמתי אלא דווקא את יום השלווה והשלום שלאחריו. אבל משום שבשושן, שהייתה מוקפת בחומה, הקרבות נמשכו גם בי"ד, תושבי ערים מוקפות חומה, ממתינים לט"ו באדר כדי לחגוג.

Times of Trouble for Jacob

What day did the wicked Haman choose to destroy Israel by Lottery?  On which day did "VeNahafoch Hu"  It will be turned around, occur?  Instead of being killed, the Jews defended themselves and killed their enemies? I suspect that most people would answer that everything happened the fourteenth of Adar, Purim's date. But the Megilla, the scroll explicitly states that the correct date is the thirteenth of Adar (Esther 3, 13 6-9 

For generations, the thirteenth of Adar was set as "The Fast of Esther ", a day of fasting in commemoration of the war that broke out "A time of trouble and needs the compassion of God "(Mishnah Berura 786 B). In contrast, the fourteenth of Adar,the day Purim does not highlight the military victory but rather the aftermath of peace and tranquility that followed.   But because in Shushan, which was surrounded by a wall, the fighting continued into the fourteenth day, residents that are within walled cities, wait to celebrate on the 15th day of Adar.

I am mentioning this only to bring out that these particular days of Adar, were spent in prayer and supplication to the Almighty against an existential threat. 

It seems to me that the next few days are a very auspicious time for Israel and our prayers, especially the prayers of the children are greatly needed....

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Can you guys get this out to all groups - Egyptians , Christians, etc. etc. NOW????????
Short notice - let's DO IT!

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Please Join Us

Tuesday March 3rd


across from the American Consulate
University Avenue

to support Speaker Boehner and
Prime Minister Netanyahu
and to protest a nuclear Iran.
Please RSVP to tell us if you are coming:

We need at least 50 people!
Let me know if you can:

1. Contact the Media
2. Make Posters (as below)
"Obama: What Are You Afraid Of?"
"No! To Nuclear Iran"
"Obama & Kerry: Is Your 'Red Line' for Iran the same as your 'Red Line' for Syria?"
"Our Faith is in Sanctions, NOT in Obama!"

Please get involved! This is so important!
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