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Fwd: Emunah in Israel is asking for your urgent help!

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Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 3:47 PM
Subject: Emunah in Israel is asking for your urgent help!


Dear Friends,

We are at war, and war calls for immediate action! Responding to a crisis is what EMUNAH is all about. Today, we are writing to you to ask for your
help right now.


Our leadership in Israel is urgently requesting funds for the following immediate needs:


  • Our 13 crisis counseling centers are providing services around the clock throughout the country. Extra staff for day and night at 13 centers costs  $6,500 per day.
  • EMUNAH has established a Hot Line that is receiving hundreds of calls every day from families requesting assistance. We had to increase the staff working the Hot Line, and give them funds so they can respond to requests for immediate emergency help. Extra Hot Line staff plus emergency fund costs $1,000 per day for staff and a $10,000 fund available for urgent requests. 
  • The children's homes had to hire additional night counselors who are ready to rush the children to shelters and deal with their increased emotional needs. The Neve Landy Children's Home in Even Shmuel-located right next to Ashkelon-is home to our most difficult and emotionally disabled children. They can't be evacuated due to their special needs.   In each children's home we need at least 4 such counselors. Cost for 4 night counselors in 5 homes is $10,000 per night.  
  • We need a minimum of 3 extra caregivers in each of the day care centers in the center and the south of the country. EMUNAH has 40 day care centers in these locations that are opened and closed according to the instructions of the Home Command. The cost for 3 caregivers in the 40 "hot zone" day care centers is $10,800 per day.  
  • New toys for the children in these day care centers and in the children's homes would bring them some joy in this difficult situation.We have 2,000 children directly in the line of fire. The cost of one modest $10 toy for each child comes to $20,000.
These are extraordinary circumstances! Your donations now
will enable us to pay for these additional costs.


Please help our children and families in Israel now so we can provide them the comfort and security they need today. May Hashem bring peace to Israel quickly!


Thank you in advance,  


Karen Spitalnick                  Fran Hirmes

National President               Chairman of the Board




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