Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Parshat Haman, prayer for livelihood said traditionally Tuesday of Parshat BeShalach

Dear Family and Friends, amv"sh

Parshat Haman: the portion in the Torah that describes the way Hashem provided monn (i.e., parnassah from heaven) for the Jewish people in the Midbar Desert. This can be found in Sefer Shemot, Perek16: 4-36. The book of Exodus 16: 4-36. 
Artscroll English Translation of Parshas Haman
Subject: Recite Parshas HaMan - Segullah For Parnassah (livelihood)
Hatzlacha (much success).
There are many who recite this daily, however, it is a most auspicious time to recite it on the Tuesday of Parashas B'shalach.

Below is a link for it in Hebrew and Aramaic for 2 Mikra Echad Targum:

May all your tefilos (prayers) be answered l'tova(for the good)!
With Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas and Al Qaida surrounding Israel, and we feel that we are truly in Parshas Haman (like the Haman in the Purim story), Parshas Haman reminds us that the All Powerful G-d provides for our sustanance and livelihood and protects us especially when we keep His Torah and Mitzvoth which is our Covenant between Hashem and our forefathers and  the Jewish People.


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