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Elections 2013 Mattot Arim Party Winner is Otzma (National Union), UTJ the worst. Excellent You tubes and audios of candidates..

Mattot Arim: Voters are consumers, and when consumers are informed, service providers must step up
  • Who's the most right-wing? New study ranks MKs' actions by Gil Hoffman 21/01/2013 Among the parties on the Right, the one that best represented its agenda according to the study was the National Union and the worst was United Torah Judaism. 


    Am Shalem 73

    Jewish Home – Naftali Bennet 91

    Likud Beytenu 74

    Otzma (Prof. Eldad, Dr. Ben-Ari) 97

    Shas 66

    United Torah Judaism 57

    The above achievement levels were determined by (a) recording each MK's achievements (other than those which are not running) over the entire term and then (b) computing an average, for each of the parties!

    We need to look around us because we can affect election results!!

    In these critical days before D-Day (Election Day, Tuesday, 22 January) we need to actively look for voters who can vote for Likud, Bennet's Jewish Home party, or Prof. Eldad's Otzma party. The following sectors are particularly likely to be deliberating OR not voting at all – you can find them and persuade them if you look around you each day:

    Senior citizens * Olim * People who once told you they did not vote in the past * First time voters (students, soldiers etc.) * People with health problems or financial problems * People who are not interested in politics and newspapers.

    ALL THESE PEOPLE need you to seek them out! The pro-Israel parties will NOT succeed in finding them unless YOU help. What about your macolet owner, taxi driver, grandchildren, elderly parents, neighbors, store-owners – ask them who they are voting for and politely request it be one of the following: Likud, Bennet's Jewish Home party, or Prof. Eldad's Otzma party! Ask everyone!

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  • Arieh King 4th on the list for Otsma LeYisroel , I love the guy, a man of action not empty words. Arieh King is a man that the Arabs know and respect and admire.  He speaks their language.  He respects Arabs and they in turn respect him and admires his truthfullness in acting according to his beliefs. He has accomplished much more out of politics than almost all Knesset Members who are politicians first.  His purpose to enter politics is to accomplish more.  Politics is a means to an end and not a means unto itself.  Yishai Fleisher interviews him in a half hour segment.  Very worthwhile audio segment. (if you like it then sign on to AFSI Chizuk Mission and he is usually one of the tour guides.  He doesn't only talk the talk, he walks the walk!)

Jeremy is a real sweet guy but IMHO showed weakness when he responded to attacks regarding his statement of  "let's imagine the Golden Dome Mosque was blown up and there was a Beit Hamikdash..."


  • We all see clearly that in order to build a Beit Hamikdash  as in the case of any new construction, there has to first be demolition.  Perhaps the time is not ripe and we can't push it. No point in inciting the Arabs... But the truth is that all Jews pray for the rebuilding of the Temple and that includes all Chareidim including members of Shas and UTJ.  How and when that will happen is a question mark.   Arabs know better than us that this is our dream to rebuild Temple Mount and restore the Beit Hamikdash to its glory.  Understandably this is a threat.  Therefore, they will come out in full force against our rights to Har Habayit, Maarat HaMachpela and Kever Yosef despite the fact that these are precisely the three places purchased by our ancestors Dovid Hamelech, Avrohom Avinu and Yaakov Avinu. The Nations of the World will be part of this Messianic times bringing sacrifices to our Holy Temple as is written in the prophets and on Isaiah Wall.   Chaim Richman makes that clear. We need not be apologetic.
  • Naftali Bennett at his best  Barry Chamish fears for Bennett for being outspoken and for posing a real threat and therefore a possible target of leftists. My blessing to Bennett is that Hashem should guard him and protect him. Utzu Eitzh VeSufar Dabru Davar Velo Yakum, Ki Imanu Kel.  Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten. Yevarechicah Hashem Veyishmerecha....Concerns such as these can indeed be a deterrent in expressing things the way one would like to express them....
Myth 1The voters will not be voting for the Likud-Lieberman ticket because of LIEBERMAN!!!
Non Myth 1 The voters will not be voting for the Likud-Lieberman ticket because Likud under Netanyahu supports a 2 State Solution
Myth #2) Moshe Feiglin does not like Naftali Bennett and has been attacking him in the media – Not true!
Non Myth 2.  Feiglin feels threatened by Naftali Bennett because Naftali Bennett has proven that one can be successful outside of Likud with a similar ideology as Feiglin.
Myth #3) Moshe Feiglin does not want Naftali Bennett in a Likud coalition – Not true!
Non Myth 3.  Feiglin does not want to be in a coalition with Naftali Bennett or Otzma unless they are under a Likud coalition.
Myth #4) Bayit HaYehudi will become a force in Israeli politics for years to come – This is an opinion, so saying "True" or "False" will be silly but allow me to explain why I believe it is false.
Non Myth#4. To call Bayit HaYehudi a "sectorial party" is to label Torah as "sectarian". If Bayit HaYehudi stays true to Torah, not merely chitzoniut lip service to Torah, it will become a force in Israeli politics for years to come.
Myth #5) Moshe Feiglin is definitely going to be an MK so his supporters should vote for Bayit HaYehudi in order to give them more seats – Not true!
Non Myth #5) Netanyahu has played shenanigans so nothing is certain.  Maybe he will create a left wing coalition as Feiglin suggests.  If so, shouldn't Feiglin and the right wing MK's in Likud get out of Likud? If Bayit HaYehudi continues growing in strength it will be that much harder for Netanyahu to join with the left.
Myth #6) The Likud is not just another party. The Likud is an arena – the arena of national leadership
Non Myth #6 ) The Likud is just another party. No one has a monopoly on leadership except G-d.
  • Fascinating! The Legal Case for Israel - Professor Eugene Kontrovich (45 minute video, really worth it!)

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