Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time Sensitive! Broadcast Today, Sunday March 25, 2nd Nissan 11:00am-6:pm New York Time - International Temple Mount Awareness Day


From Rabbi Richman of Temple Institute:

Today, Sunday, 2nd Nissan, (25 March), we are hosting our six-hour live stream video broadcast, "The Third AnnualTemple Mount Awareness Day" and it will be carried live by and A7, as well as and . 

Here is information about the event:

This event, calls for greater appreciation of the Temple Mount and the need to reconsider our attitudes about the Beit HaMikdash.

 Please forward!  


Dear Fellow Lovers of Eretz Yisroel, 

UNESCO has accepted "Palestine" as a member and declares Har Habayit, Kever Rochel, Maarat Hamachpela and Kever Yosef as Palestinian Heritage sites, How can we be Silent?  

If you are a media person, print or radio, please report on this broadcast in your upcoming edition of your paper or radio program.  Especially now before Pesach when it is a Mitzvah to keep Korban Pesach it is a timely and relevant topic.  

Condemning UNESCO's "efforts to erase the history of the Jewish people in Israel and to Islamicize Israel's holy sites," Ms. Helen Freedman, Executive Director of AFSI, Americans for a Safe Israel, reports that President Obama "has already requested $79 million for UNESCO in the 2013 budget, along with an additional $40.5 million for "contingent requirements."

Rabbosai, Over a third of the Mitzvoth of the Torah is dependent on Har Habayit!  All the Karbanot must be done on "Hamakom Asher Yivchar Hashem", The PLACE which Hashem has Chosen, which is Har Habayit!

Yasher Koach to The Jewish Press, and Arutz Sheva and all the other media who are hosting the event on their site.

Thank you.
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