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Preventing another Gush Katif expulsion in Judea and Samaria. A letter to Rabbanim and the Media and loyal activists


To Distinguished Rabbonim, Media people and to My Dear Brothers and Sisters, amv"sh

Over the past month or so, money has been shelled out by the Gush Katif Museum, placing ads and spots promoting the Gush Katif Museum Dinner at the Razag  Ballroom in Crown Heights.  Costs of the ads ranged from nothing (for those who gave free advertising) till $1,500 per full page colored ad. This ad campaign went on for 3-4 weeks in over 10, maybe even 15 print media advertising and radio spots.  Beautiful invitations, fliers and posters were printed and distributed and the very best speakers were booked in order to raise awareness and draw a large crowd for this fundraising event. There was a personal phone call attempt by Shmuel Koenig to contact each and every Rav in Flatbush and at least 60 Rabbanim took the call personally if not more and personal invitations were sent out either by email or with the postal service and even hand delivered.  Many of you had articles in your papers, interviews on your radio program and announcements in your shul raising awareness about the Gush Katif Museum.  Baruch Hashem, with Siata Dishmaya, the turnout was amazing!  Around 600 people came at short notice.  The speakers, Rabbi Yosef Jacobson, Glenn Beck, Congressman Lee Terry and Amabassador John Bolton spoke live at the Dinner.  We invited all the Rabbonim and Press to come even at a subsidized rate.  BeSiata Dishmaya, the Dinner was a major success, the food delicious and the message delivered loud and clear.   Our expectation was that the media would recognize this event as not merely another fundraising dinner, but as a news item.  

Holocaust Museums are not merely for the purpose of documenting tragedies. See attachment newsletter below from Toronto Zionist Council. Holocaust Museums are in order to prevent future tragedies..... So too with the Gush Katif Museum!  This museum was established in order to prevent another Tisha Baav tragedy in Judea and Samaria.

Expulsions ARE HAPPENING in Judea and Samaria.  The roads are not protected by the IDF.  The  hearing of the murderers of Asher Palmer and his son that took place on the roads is taking place within 2 weeks!  Chavat Gilad had another house burnt down by terrorists. Read personal appeal of Ilana.  See below for their stories.  Netzer is designated as Arab private land with no proof and Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover are arrested for planting trees on gov't land. Read and watch below how a group from Ranaana reclaim this land.   Magen David Adom will not service the Shomron leaving it up to the Shomron council to have to fund emergency treatment on their own, but ambulances with the Crescent will service the Arab communities.  This is the news over the last few days that I am receiving by email and passing on to you which I hope you will pass on to your community..

We wish more Rabbanim would have come. 

Many of the Media ignored reporting this Gush Katif Museum Dinner event.  Maybe it was because they weren't getting a paid ad.  Some papers only  care about money and they print articles only when they get paid advertising or when it is an article that is favorable to their paid advertising.  Papers and media spots cost money and it's a business after all.

Why don't they see that it is their Achrayus, obligation to the public to INFORM THEM THAT ANOTHER EXPULSION IS GOING TO HAPPEN Chas Veshalom in Judea and Samaria and that residents of Judea and Samaria are not being protected and that their homes and lives are in danger??????

It was painful for me to look at some very Chashuv papers, skim through their pages and not see even one picture of this event even after getting paid thousands of dollars beforehand to promote it?  Or perhaps they grudgingly put in a picture or two or three, without an article as if they were covering the typical Dinner or fundraiser without a suggestion that this particular event was unique in its message than the typical dinner or event.

It was painful for me to hear that there were some papers that even refused to run the ad for the Gush Katif Museum Dinner because it was controversial????

You know who you are and what you did or did not do.  One day we will all be facing the heavenly court and they will ask you "What did you do to raise awareness that another Gush Katif expulsion was happening in Judea and Samaria.  You knew of their pain yet you chose to look the other way..."  

Maybe you assumed some rich donor was paying for your ads and paying for these high profile speakers.  They are a well funded organization you assumed.  They don't need extra promotion.  Or maybe Chabad and Chabad events isn't your community and this was a Chabad event.  After all it wasn't being endorsed  by Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah.  They knew about it.  All the mainstream religious organizations were called asking them to send Rabbanim and delegations.  

Perhaps our spirtitual leadership can not look at themselves in the mirror knowing that the first time around when they knew about the impending Disengagement from Gush Katif, they were negligent and failed to stop the expulsion from Gush Katif from happening. They did not rally the people or call Tehillim rallies before the tragedy. They did not try to prevent it from happening.  Now they do not want to admit they made a mistake.  It is less embarrassing to repeat the mistake then face the tragic consequences of ones mistake...

Oy Vei Iz Meir.....

But how embarrassed will we be on Judgement Day?  

Please Hashem, you gave leadership ability to certain individuals.  They have the potential to turn things around.  The have the potential to help protect hundreds of thousands of people in Judea and Samaria and save hundreds of thousands of people from being uprooted from their homes,  So they say it will never happen?  The government of Israel will not throw out 300,000 people from their homes or leave them unprotected?

Rabbosai, The Holocaust did happen and Gush Katif expulsion happened.  Amona happened if you read about it or saw it on You tube.  Too bad it didn't make most of the media.  Too gruesome to show violent bloody scenes of Jewish kids, unarmed, unshielded, who love their land clobbered with clubs and riot horses while their attackers, police in riot gear, were sent by the government of Israel under Prime Minister Olmert against their own people. Yes it is painful to watch and report.  Why are we so sure it won't happen agains?  Mabe it will eventually hit American shores???? Please Hashem open our eyes when we are blind and don't see our error.   We are human.  For some unexplained reason we seem incapable in taking on the leadership role when it comes to the fight for Eretz Yisroel.  While I and others see things clearly, we don't have the following or leadership ability to mobilize Am Yisroel.  Hashem, we need leaders to mobilize your people Am Yisroel to stop another expulsion from Judea and Samaria and make this world a safer place.

Why did the Rabbi Wolpo spend good money promoting a dinner when it could perhaps better be spend towards helping the Gush Katif refugees themselves?

I'll tell you why the promotion was necessary as far as I can see!  Because the Dinner was not only for the purpose to help the GK refugees and pay for the upkeep of a Museum.  It was to prevent another Gush Katif.  If we can prevent even 1 home from being bulldozed, the ad campaign will be worth it.  

So the organizers took a gamble. Besides Rabbi Wolpo it included Afsi, Americans for a Safe Israel and the World Committee for the Land of Israel and individuals like myself.  We saw this money as an investment to safeguard the homes of hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Judea and Samaria who are at risk.  We expected you the Rabbonim and you the media to do your part and at the very least report on it.  The speakers were phenomenal  The message was clear.  Surely it is more newsworthy than most news items.  For those papers who did just that, and you know who you are, much Bracha Vehatzlacha!  For all those of those who missed this opportunity, and have no clue that this event was bigger than themselves and more important than their pocketbooks, there will iyh be many more opportunities unfortunately.  We need you desperately to do what you do best.  Im Hacharesh Tacharishu......

Letter from David HaIvri"David Ha'ivri * דוד העברי" <>,  

Subject: Urgent: Please forward to your lists - "Do not stand idly by while your brother's blood is at stake." Vayikra 19:16 Under pressure of the Intentional Red Cross Jews at High Risk are stripped of emergency services!!! Don't Let This Happen - Speak

Dear Friends of Israel,



This Sunday, March 4, the Ministerial Committee of Legislation in Israel will vote on a bill requiring Magen David Adom to provide services in Judea and Samaria by law. This will allow MDA to withstand international pressure because the Israeli organization will be able to point to a legal obligation imposed upon it by Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

Please take action immediately on this important issue by:


1. Sending a letter in support of the bill to Israeli officials (Their contact info HERE),


 - AND –


 2. Signing our Petition to tell MDA that continued ambulance service in Judea and Samaria matters to you!


- AND -


3. Passing this request along to fellow supporters of Israel you know.  Every voice counts!



At present, the Shomron area must still provide its own ambulance service. We are fundraising to improve emergency medical services in this area.


Our goals in this regard are to:


1. Build a new emergency medical center.

A proposal for a new regional emergency medical center was recently approved by the Health Ministry. This center would significantly reduce travel distance for ambulances.  The funding is divided between the Israeli government, Kopat Cholim, and the Shomron Municipality. Our part comes to $600,000 USD.


2. Replace aged ambulances that are unreliable or unsafe, and upgrade medical equipment and technologies within ambulances.

New unarmored ambulance = $105,000 – $120,000 USD

New armored ambulance = $210,000 USD


3. Provide funding for necessary high-level training of medical personnel.


Please consider contributing to these life-saving projects!

We are accepting donations via Shuva Israel. For more information about contribution options and dedication opportunities please visit

From Women in Green

Raanana pioneers in Netzer - The movie

Good Jews from all over the country have heard about the land war
being waged in Netzer. Most recently, with a wave of the pen, the
Civil Administration transformed Plot 94 from "Surveyed Land"
(presumed state land whose status hasn't yet been finalized) to
"private Arab land" ­ thanks to massive pressure from Leftist sources.

This iniquity cries to the heavens, but we have recourse and resources.

On Thursday, February 23, 2012, the first day of Adar, a group of Jews
returned again to Netzer, this time from Ra'anana, to show their
support for our struggle. The group was led by tireless Ilan Hirshfeld
who, for years, has been organizing monthly visits to Judea and
Samaria. They planted grape vines around the corners of the pergola
built by Women in Green to provide shade and comfort to hikers in the
area. Joy and excitement infused all who came and a "she'hechianu"
blessing burst from our throats in thanks for the merit of being able
to plant and redeem the land.

Thank God, the people of Israel love their homeland and are faithful to it.

Link to the short movie: (thank you to Timna Katz from Neve Daniel for
the English translation)

For the Women in Green movie channel:

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

Women For Israel's Tomorrow  (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel

--  Dear Friends of Gilad Farm

On Tuesday evenings at the farm house burned.

We welcome your help.

Thanks for your support and partnership with you all the way.

Ilana 0525583372

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AFSI <>
Date: 2012/2/29
To: ‫
Americans For a Safe Israel
1751 Second Avenue (91st Street)
New York, NY 10128
Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
February 29, 2012

AFSI's semi-annual missions to Israel (see have taken us toChavat Gilad many times. We have bonded with the people there, admiring their bravery and determination to hold onto the blessed land of Israel. The Israeli government has deprived them of water and electricity, labeling the community "illegal," although it is built on private land owned by Moshe Zar, father of the murdered Gilad, after whom the farm is named.  The residents must scrimp and save and beg for funds to help them ship in water and gas for their generators.


One would say "Dayenu" to being tortured by the Israeli government in this way, but now the Arabs have joined in with their new intifada against the Jews, burning the home of a new bride and groom in Chavat Gilad.        Please read the following Arutz Sheva report, and the request from the Shomron Liaison Council for help in rebuilding the burnt out home. Please respond as generously as possible.


Arabs Torch Home in Havat Gilad, Killing Dog

By: Gil Ronen

Violent altercations in Havat Maon, too, as Arab intifada becomes ever more brazen.


The flames of the newest Arab "intifada" uprising reached two Jewish farms in Judea and Samaria Tuesday. Arabs burned down a home in Havat Gilad, in Samaria.They apparently come from the nearby village of Farata, and made their escape after setting the isolated structure on fire. Residents of the Jewish farm gave chase and there were physical altercations between them and Arab villagers.


News agency "Hakol HaYehudi" reported that Havat Gilad residents tried to put out the fire but the home burned down completely. A dog that was tied next to the home died in the blaze.


Havat Gilad residents have issued a call to Jews in the area to come assist them in safeguarding the community.


Security forces arrested three Arabs as suspects in setting fire to the home. They will be taken to interrogation at the Judea and Samaria police station.


There have also been clashes between Jews and Arabs Tuesday at Havat Maon, in the southern Hevron Hills. The fighting was over pasture land. An Arab was lightly hurt when Jewish residents threw rocks at him. He was evacuated to a hospital by the Red Crescent. Arabs also threw rocks at Jewish residents. Army and police forces arrived on the scene.


Arab attacks against Jews have become increasingly brazen and frequent in recent weeks, in what nationalists say is a new intifada born of the Arabs' perception of Jewish weakness in the wake of the Shalit Deal.


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