Friday, March 02, 2012

re: Sunday Ministers’ Vote re: Magen David Adom in Yehuda and Shomron


To: Minister Dr. Jacob Neeman, 
Minister Prof. Daniel Herskowitz,
Minister Mr. Gideon Saar, 
Minister Mr. Yuli Edelstein,
Minister Mr. Gilad Erdan, 
Minister Mr. Moshe Cachlon, 
Minister Mr. Yosi Peled, 
Minister Mr. Israel Katz, 
Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz, 
Minister Mr. Yitzhak Aharonivch, 
Minister Ms. Sofa Landver, 
Minister Mr. Stas Miseznikov, 
Minister Ms. Limor Livnat, 
Minister Mr. Meshulam Nahari, 
Minister Mr. Jacob Margi. 

Dear Madam and Sir, As a friend of Israel, I am writing to comment on the upcoming Sunday vote in Committee to pass the "Magen David Adom also in Judea and Samaria" bill.  

As a concerned individual, I will always stand by Israeli organizations' right and duty to combat any pressure to provide less or no medical services to the large Jewish community of Judea and Samaria.

I am sure that many feel the same way — people are people and all deserve medical care. 

How much more so if they are our brothers and sisters in Judea and Samaria..  Please do not abandon them!  We are ONE.  They protect us with their high ground and we must protect them. 


Robin Ticker
Brooklyn, NY

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