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Pushing for a Torah Autonomy. In response to Are price tags Jews Americans? Let us study American History and the History of the American Revolution


I am getting annoyed at Arutz7 articles about Rabbanim, Yesha Leaders and Knesset members who condemn the youth while these leaders are the ones in power who ignore and/or are ineffective in addressing the deterioration of the security in the settlements and the violence that has been directed at residents of Judea and Samaria.  Just Blame it on the kids!  These young boys and girls  can only fight back with burning tires and with their physical bodies against an army of clubbed and shielded police officers with their riot gear and riot horses risking attack and  arrest.  

Recent Bills and votes in the Knesset have not been effective in stopping this terrible escalation of violence against budding Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Articles such Are Price Tag Settlers American and 

IDF Chief Rabbi: Attacks on IDF Against Halakhah condemning crimes of "revenge" reminds me of the Yesha Council and their collaboration with the Police  and serve to demonize the settlers and the youth and portray them as radical elements.  This is surely not the case. I know the population and there is no population that is more peace loving and Torah loving than the population in Judea and Samaria.   They are law abiding and not violent.  They have exhibited self restraint that is superhuman.  How dare the media and the paid salaries of the Israeli government portray these youths who were brought up with Love of the Land of Israel and Love of the Jewish People and Love of the Torah in such a false despicable manner?

Let these self righteous leaders and individuals in places of power look at themselves in the mirror and ask what have they done to make sure that these youths and their homes are protected and not violated? Only when they give themselves a satisfactory answer let them dare to suggest it's unruly youth who are at fault.

Why not focus on the barrage of Intolerable acts and illegal acts that violate the  human rights of the Jewish Settlers over the past few years?  Is the IDF protecting their tax paying citizens or is there the situation of "Taxation without representation".  Why is representing over 1000 cases and why are settlers afraid to go to the Police to protect them when they are attacked?  What about freedom of self defense and the freedom to bear arms?????? is it no wonder that Americans who were brought up learning their history are the ones that are advocating such Freedoms in the Land of Israel as well. What about the obligation of any State, to protect its citizens and fellow brothers.  

I do not advocate vigilante individuals acting on their own.  However, let us study what the Americans patriots did when they were facing a similar and even less threatening scenario. The residents of Judea and Samaria and the settlers of the hilltops of Judea and Samaria are facing demolition of their homes and property and constant terror attacks from Arabs, not just unfair taxes..  True, the State of Israel is governed by our brothers and sisters.  We see no reason to fight our brothers and sisters Chas Veshalom, heaven forbid.  However, if  the State of Israel chooses not to fulfill their obligation to defend the Jews in Judea and Samaria,  their brothers and sisters, or to defend the heartland of Israel and our birthright as decreed by Divine Will, then surely the Jews of Judea and Samaria have the justification to seriously consider and openly discuss a Torah Autonomy in Judea and Samaria that will be separate yet friendly, (call it a sister State), to the State of Israel. Surely such a Torah Autonomy will be a much friendlier neighbor than a Palestinian State and will serve to protect the low lying areas in Israel like Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport as well.  

But the greatest reason to consider a Torah Autonomy is in order to implement, a prototype, a small scale implementation and an actualization of our dreams and aspirations for over 2000 years for a Torah government whose Roadmap is spelled out in the Torah Shebichtav and Torah ShebaalPeh, the Written and Oral law.  There is no question in my mind that eventually the Nations of the World will then describe the Nation of Israel "Am Chacham VeNavon", a wise and discerning Nation. 

So before you portray these G-d fearing youth as radical, home grown terrorists, think of how you would have described the American Patriots had you lived in their era. Visit this link or any other link that will educate you  regarding the American Revolution and the factors leading up to it. 


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