Thursday, December 01, 2011

fwd: Urgent Alert from Mattot Arim - Ramat Gilad in danger


Dear Rabbanim and Media, amv"sh

Please use whatever clout you have to prevent another demolition/destruction of homes in Judea and Samaria chas veshalom!  Thank you.

Another community in Judea and Samaria in danger.  Apathy is our worst enemy

From: <>
Date: 2011/12/1
Subject: Again דחוף-שוב סכנת גירוש,הריסה וגזל

 Yet another community in the Shomron is in danger -- Ramat Gilad, numbering dozens of

 young children

This young community has been threatened in the past:

Click here

or here


Important for the ministers to hear about this new danger very quickly and from as many people as possible

משה כחלון 050-6845584  M. Cachlon

יולי אדלשטיין  Yuli Edelstein 050-3334298

גלעד ארדן 050-5936500  Gilad Erdan 

 בוגי יעלון  Bogy Yaelon   050-6625555

סילבן שלום  0506208500  Silvan Shalom

 *לימור לבנת Limor Livnat 0505-200-050   

יובל שטייניץ Yuval Steinitz 052-3853280 

 Yisrael Katz*  ישראל כץ 050-6233939

גדעון סער Gideon Saar 050-6343111

וסי פלד  Yossi Peled  0525003060

Please can you SMS the ministers - using the cellphone contact information above

Example of suitable message: Pls prevent unneccessary destruction & unfair confiscation of legally purchased land at Ramat Gilad, a legal & positive young community. signed ___ your name

Can SMS from 730 am, on Friday till Shabat comes in and on Saturday night after Shabat, till midnight

Thank you for participating in this urgent call


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