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Lmaan Zion lo Echesheh


The following is a response to Hakhel's message (see below).

Again, beautiful in words but empty in action. Like the Emperor's garments. Your Torah is dressed in the most beautiful of finery and the most eloquent Divrei Torah. Yet where is a united proclamation that Eretz Yisroel is the Inheritance of Am Yisroel? The Promised Land was promised to our Patriarchs starting with Avraham as an inheritance for their seed as an eternal possession. Doesn't eternal include the present? Aren't Jews all over the world and Israel their seed? If there was a true Tzipisi Leyeshua, these words would replace the words of your Divrei Torah. The Convergence Plan and Roadmap are against the Torah. A child of 5 knows the first Rashi of Breishis. Yet the Gedoilim have been silent.

The Children will speak the truth and the Leaders will be embarrassed. It's even worse. The chait of the Miraglim was akin to idolotry. They didn't merit Olam Haba. They perished immediately for misguiding the hundreds of thousands of their followers. The rest of the Nation were allowed a gradual punishment. In fact, those that sat in meetings, many members of the Sanhedrin joined with Korach and they perished. These are two blatant examples where the Leaders were wrong and were punished severely.

Let me add that Gedoilim alone is a bathroom word. Without Torah, Gedoilim Batorah are simply Gedoilim.

These are words of harshness. Yet, it is not nearly as harsh as the Chillul Hashem that is as a result of the Silence. Is the Admor M'Gur, Rav Shteinman, Rav Kanievsky, Rav Eliashiv, Rav Kamenetsky of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation speaking out? Are their Shamashim even allowing them too or updating them on current events? Is this lack of Emunas Chachamim? Or is it simply exposure of an Avoda Zara that has pervaded Orthodox Jewry. To put our blind trust in people who are simply human beings rather than in believing in Toras Moshe MeSinai and really believing in the fundamental Truth that has been repeated hundreds of times in the Torah that Eretz Yisroel is our Inheritance and we are obligated to keep the Mitzvoth. The second Dibra of the 10 Commandments is that we shouldn't have other Gods. If only these Gedoilim would make this Kol Korei that Eretz Yisroel is the Divine Ordained Land for Am Yisroel the Seed of the Patriarchs, exclusively, and that the Convergence Plan and Unilateral Withdrawal and the Roadmap are all a contradiction to the Torah. If only they would say please voice a protest by calling the White House or sending an email or supporting the March of the Youth (Separate marching for boys and for girls) over the Land of Eretz Yisroel fulfilling Kum Hishalech command to Avraham Avinu and to future generations.. These youth are acting on their love and yearning for the Land. Why not admit it? If only they would speak out and end the Silence as is the group L'Maan Zion Lo Echesha, then hundreds of thousands of people would follow their lead. The expulsions would be stopped in its tracks. The Chillul Hashem would end.

The Miraglim were Tzadikim before the Chait Hamiraglim. Let this generation be the rectifiers of this Chait. Let individual Gedoilim Batorah stand up and collectively take a claim to Our Land. Let the Chofetz Chaim Foundation be Metaken the root of Lashon Hara this Tisha Baav which stems from Chait Miraglim. Or will it simply not be on the Agenda? Please Hashem, let my words prove to be false. I wish to be proven wrong because I know how desperately we need our Gedoilim Batorah.


Robin Ticker

Hakhel Email Community Awareness Bulletin-One of Only Six


One of the six questions a person is asked after his 120 year stay in this world is "Tzipisa Li'Yeshua"--did you sincerely await the Redemption (Shabbos 31A)? Indeed, the Rambam writes in the 12th Foundation of Faith that we must await Moshiach every single day. Further, as we all know, in the 15th brocha of Shemone Esrei we all plead "...for your salvation we hope every day."

We asked HaRav Yisroel Belsky, Shlita, for the Makor, for the source, in Torah that we must wait for this fundamental principle. HaRav Belsky, Shlita suggested two possible sources. First, the Pasuk in Beraishis(49:18): "LiShuasecha Kivisi Hashem"--for your Redemption I wait Hashem. It is well known that the Brisker Rav Z'tl could recite this Pasuk several times during any given day. Various explanations may be given for his practice. We suggest that perhaps he was careful to constantly remind himself throughout the day to await redemption--by reciting its Makor in the Torah. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the nusach of the 15th bracha of Shemone Esrei seems to indicate that our longing for redemption should go on throughout the day ("KOL HAYOM"), and not necessarily be limited to our thrice daily recitation in Shemone Esrei. Although the Avudraham and Radak in Tehillem seem to learn that "KOL HAYOM" simply means ever day and not throughout the day, it is conceivable that the Brisker Rav felt that the literal translation of the words "KOL HAYOM" mean that one has to await Moshiach throughout the day, and not necessarily at a formal or fixed time.

The second possible source for this fundamental principle of our faith suggested by HaRav Belsky, Shlita,is the Pasuk in Chabakuk (2:3) "Im Yismahmeah Chakeh Lo"--if he be delayed await him-- which is the phrase utilized by the Rambam in the Ani Maamin mentioned earlier. For further explanation on the meaning of this Pasuk, see the Malbim there.

Now that we have identified Torah sources for our longing, WHY is it that we are to long in this way? HaRav Belsky, Shlita, explains: "The main reason is that no one should come to terms with a world that is devoid of Kedusha, Chochma and Gilui Shechina and a host of other attributes." HaRav Belsky, Shlita, referred us further to the words of the Rambam which immediately precede the 13 Foundations of Faith ,which are presented by the Rambam in his Introduction to the 11th Perek of Sanhedrin. There, the Rambam writes that we strive for the times of Moshiach not for the resulting glory, grandeur or riches, but rather for man's resulting advancements in wisdom, proper conduct and closeness to Hashem... so that at long last our hearts of stone are replaced with hearts of inspired and sincere, truly righteous behavior, from young to old.

Is this not worth thinking about more than in a flashing moment or two in the course of a day beset by the problems, or at least issues, of this world?

We are about to enter the heart of Tammuz. We must recognize that the times and dates in the past which have been so extremely unpleasant for us and our people could provide just the opposite experience for us. Have you thought about what would have happened on the 17th of Tammuz had B'nei Yisroel not made the Eigel--we would have forever possessed the unbroken, original first set of Luchos!

Similarly, if the spies would have come back with the right report on Tisha B'Av, it could have been a day of rejoicing--and not crying----all these years! These days are days of happening. Let us break away from the estrangement and void that we have brought upon ourselves--and strive to draw closer to man's true fulfillment.

Perhaps we can start by especially thinking, hoping and praying for the Yeshua just a little bit more during these days--from time to time through the day. In this zechus, may we directly see and experience the Kedusha, the Chochma, the Gilui Shechina we so sorely, sorely lack--speedily and literally in our days!

Hakhel MIS

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