Monday, June 26, 2006



Due to weather and other considerations, the RCRF cruise was relocated to a restaurant. Strong activists came. There was networking. Future brainstorming and networking are planned. This is grassroots and when we unite we are stronger than what we can do individually. To become more involved please leave your email address in the comments. As one of the participants said she became a whole army. She related how following the expulsions she went to a hotel where some of the refugees were deposited. They had no real food except for cake and cookies. She rounded up 10 Breslov boys and they brought in borekas and food and fruit and vegetables and Chamin for Shabbos. As she put it, she became an army.

Each person spoke about their particular focus or organization. I spoke about ending the Silence about the Biblical Claim to the Land. The Bible is the no. 1 reason for the struggle. Security lapses and humanitarian atrocities are consequences for not speaking out for the Torah. If we really have a yearning to keep the Mitzvoth, there is no way we could even contemplate giving away our land.
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