Monday, July 17, 2006

My Prayer - Shemittah is the Key

As the War in Israel is going on, I find comfort in the words of the Torah.  Who is the cause of this big mess?  Who can take us out and save us from this big mess.  Only the Rebono Shel Olam.  Yet it comes with a price.  This price is we must keep the Commandments of the Torah.  Which Mitzvah specifically is related to Security?  It is the Mitzva of Shemittah.  So in my naive, childlike expression of faith I turn to the Torah.  If we truly have that desire to keep the Mitzvah of Shemittah in order to bring forth Kedusha and the blessings of peace and prosperity we would find the strength to proclaim "THIS IS THE LAND PROMISED TO THE AVOT AND TO THEIR OFFSPRING THE NATION OF ISRAEL "  We in turn are obligated in keeping the Mitzvoth of Shemittah.  Shemittah is a Mitzvah that requires Land,  Only Am Yisroel can actualize the raison d'etre of this Holy Land by keeping the Mitzvah of Shemittah.  That's the reason we can not give it to anyone else.  Not even to a friend that isn't out to destroy us.
The forces are out to destroy us.  Let us return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and say.  Hashem we made a few mistakes.  But now we are ready to do Teshuva.  We want to keep the Torah as you prescribed. We really desire Eretz Yisroel and we truly want to keep the Mitzvoth.  Will you please give us another chance?  We are begging you Hashem.  Please have pity on us.  We are not perfect human beings.  We all make mistakes.  But now we wish to do better.  Please save us from our enemies and we will try our best to be better Jews and keep the Torah better.  We will focus on the Mitzvah of Shemittah and all the Mitzvoth in Devorim read at Hakhel.  We will examine how these Mitzvoth can be done in our days without a Beis Hamikdash.  We are a poor Nation yet with You we are rich.  We are a weak Nation yet with YOU we are strong.  Let us find the strength to fight and win this battle and please G-d let us never forget that it is only You that saved us and that it is only Your Torah that can Save us.  Please hear my prayers and let these words find their way into the heart of your people.  I believe with my heart and soul that they are true.  Aseh Le'maan Shemecha, Aseh Lemaan Yimenecha, Aseh Lemaan Kedushasecha, Asheh Lemaan Torasecha, Lemaan Yechaltzun Yedidecha, Hoshea Yemincha Vaneini. Yehiyu Leratzon Imrei Fi Vehegion Libi Lefanecha Hashem Tzuri VeGoali.
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