Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Post Election thoughts - Why we lost.


Why did the Right lose so badly? The only answer is that we did not speak up for the Covenant.

Everything comes down to the Bible. The Covenant with our forefathers is our source to our right to the Land. Nothing else. We in turn must keep the Commandments.

Yet such talk is considered "extremism", "religious fanaticism", "not politically correct", "paramount to creating a civil war".

All talk about religious freedom and the right to practice our religion in the Land that we consider is ours, and to practice the commandments in the Land that has been promised to us, is ok in theory but when it comes to application, well that's another matter.

There even isn't any brainstorming or talk allowed about what it would be like to have a gov't that is based on Torah. The gov't uses it's heavy hand against the Kahana internet cafe. Shabak does it's secret operations on individuals who talk about a Sanhedrin and Har Habayis. They do their best to intimidate these individuals from speaking and from allowing these ideas to blossom and develop form.

The Torah is not only a legitimate constitution for a gov't and for a political system, it is the only one that is appropriate for the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel. True it is revolutionary and not put into practice for over 2,000 years.

Torah Jews believe as I do. They perhaps feel that the time is not ripe. Our survival depends on keeping the Torah, standing up for the Covenant and the Mitzvoth of the Torah.

But the process to reach this conclusion can be with pain and suffering or alternatively it could be with fear of the unknown, living like the Jews in the Desert in uncharted territory, working hard to uphold the Mitzvoth of the Torah, standing firm to our right to Eretz Yisroel and keepng the commandments, and above all with strong Emunah and putting our total trust in Hashem. Neither path is easy. The way we are choosing is coming with much tears and pain and sorrow. We choose rather to be expelled then to stand proud and strong and say we wish to live a life of Torah in the Land of Israel. We will do what we must to defend this right. Will this cause a civil war as many predict? In my opinion the opposite will cause a civil war. By allowing evil to win, and experiencing the consequences of allowing evil to prevail we will eventually have good reason to fight our brothers. By standing up strong for the Torah and for G-ds commandments and with strong Emunah, and much prayer, we will be zocheh to much joy at witnessing G-d's salvation coming to us directly. We will be one with our brothers who will clearly see that the Torah and the Mizvoth bring blessings to the entire world and it will surely be said Am Chacham Venavon! We will sing songs of praise and joy at the new found security and in Hashem's blessings as He has promised us in His Torah.
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