Friday, March 24, 2006

My Response to SHAS AND UTJ hinting to join with Kadima

ARutz7 reports:

Hareidi UTJ Party Hints: We Will Join Kadima Government
01:54 Mar 24, '06 / 24 Adar 5766

The time has come to challenge their observance of Yiddishkeit. Are all their prayers for Eretz Yisroel simply lip service. Is the Land and the Commandments not relevant? Is the Torah therefore not really relevant to them? Why isn't anyone challenging them? Why aren't National Union and all the Religious Zionists and Manhigut Yehudit challenging these Chareidi parties and beg them to join forces. Why is everyone playing politics instead of trying to keep Torah and Mitzvoth?

SHas and UTJ is unwilling to take that giant, scary step to say that this Land is promised to us and we must keep the Mitzvoth pertaining to the Land. Having a secular gov't is an excuse for them not to take responsibility. They then have the lame excuse, well we weren't in power. What could we have done?

The simple truth is that the Chareidy Leadership are misguiding their followers. They lack sincere yearning for Eretz Yisroel. Their prayers, and Torah Learning are hollow and not for the same of doing. Their actions are in direct conflict with their education. Their children will eventally see through their hypocrocy. Their Torah is not authentic. They lack regard for the Land of Israel and for the Torah and to keep the Mitzvoth in the Torah. Because if they had that strong desire to keep the Mitzvoth then there is no way that they can even contemplate joining with Kadima. SHAME ON YOU!
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