Monday, March 27, 2006

Letter to SHAS AND UTJ continued....

To Shas and UTJ Leadership in response to your decision to perhaps join KADIMA:

"Yes, expellees need your money desperately and you indeed have set up Pesach funds to "ease" the Pain, but your Torah is lip service and by your actions show that Torah is not relevant to today's reality. You have not come out for the Covenant and you are actually willing to be accomplice to those who have impoverished us and wish to do so to 70,000-100,000 others as well. Why have you aligned yourself with evil? What do you gain? Any money from the gov't for Torah education or to support large Torah families is blood money. It is worth speaking out against your willingness to join with a gov't whose actions model after Sodom and Gemorrah at the risk of losing your contributions. I would hope and expect that you too take that risk to speak out against this evil gov't and for the Covenant and for the Mitzvoth of the Torah, many of which can only be practiced on the Land of Israel. If you truly yearned to keep these Mitzvoth there is no way you could even think of giving Eretz Yisroel to any other governing authority that has no obligation, no desire, and no inclination to make this a Land of Kedushah . If you truly felt a yearning for Eretz Yisroel, you wouldn't even consider giving the Land to even a friendly democratic Palestinian State. Because such a secular State can never realize G-d's intention as is clearly expressed in the Torah countless times. UTJ, you are clearly unwilling to rise up to your purpose on this earth, our purpose as the Nation of Israel, to be a Mamlechet Kohanim Vegoy Kadosh for the betterment of all mankind. In fact you have the audacity to even show a willingness to hand it over to those whose actions, education and rhetoric clearly show that they hate the State of Israel, the people of Israel and wish to destroy whatever the people of Israel have built up over the years with their love and toil, sweat and tears for the Land.

Can't you see that your actions are not only hurting Am Yisroel but is detrimental to the entire world. The heavens and earth are the witnesses to the Covenant. They can either be on our side or against us. If we keep the Mitzvoth they can spit out our enemies like from the Yam Suf or Nachal Kishon with the heavens doing their part as well. If we don't keep the Mitzvoth, and how in the world can you keep the Mitvoth like Terumah, Maaser, Leqet SHickcha, Peah, Shemittah etc., if you are willing to give up the Land?

Read carefully the Mitzvoth the Nasi reads at Hakhel which promises security in the Land. Are the Rabbanim at all focusing on these Mitzvoth? Read SHirat Devorah in Shoftim Perek 5. Once Bnei Yisroel fight off the enemies the roads are once again safe. That alone is reason to sing Shira. When Bnei Yisroel chose other G-d's they couldn't even draw water without arrows being shot at them. They felt unprotected in unwalled cities. That is the exact situation today. Kassam rockets, building circuitous roads, building walls. All because Bnei Yisroel did not keep the word of Hashem. Devorah Haniviah gives credit to the The Torah Lawgivers. They were the ones that saved Am Yisroel. I ask you. WHERE ARE the TORAH LAWGIVERS of Today? Devorah Hanivia blasts Shevet Reuvein for their indecision and cowardliness by their wait and see attitude on whether to join the battle against the Canaanim. If the other shevattim would be winning, only then they'd join. Devorah Hanivieh calls for an investigation of their actions. She spares no words for those that picked up their valuables and left the scene of the battle. Her praises are for Shevet Naphtali and Zevulun, Binyamin and others that helped.

And if you don't see any connection with the security situation of today, surrounded by Hamas, Hizbollah, Al Quaieda, Kassam rockets within close proximity to the nuclear plant in Ashkelon area and even the threat of missionaries as not related to our own spiritual decline and alienation from the Torah and the MItzvoth in the Torah, please look again. There is no way you can disconnect from Eretz Yisroel and keep Torah in Galus without serious repercussions. Don't fool yourselves.

All we can say is SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!
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