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Videos of Brutal Police attacks in Amona


You have to see it to believe it's true.

Brutality...Col. (Res.) Moshe Givati, former army brigade commander and adviser to Minister of Police  reported that "Police told the girls, "you whore, we're going to rape you because you don't want to evacuate...".
..Girl who was attacked at Amona:  I hate to say this but looking back all I can think about is the movies we saw about the Shoah.. how the Nazi's treated the Jews there and how they pulled people out of their houses when they wanted to move them into the ghetto and they would smash the glass of people on peoples heads"

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On Feb. 1, 2006, the Israel Police were ordered to demolish nine Jewish homes in Amona, near Ofrah, 12 miles north of Jerusalem. In the video documentary below, police were filmed using excessive force against hundreds of youthful protestors, over 200 of whom were injured and taken to hospitals for treatment.
The brief documentary film above was produced by Tzvi Fishman, who authors a popular blog on

(The following repeats many of the points addressed to the Leadership of Hebron in the preceding post of my blog. This however is addressed to everyone.)

The concept of the State of Israel is now under scrutiny. Our priority is to gather a consensus among all Jews all over the world that Israel is the inheritance of the Nation of Israel. Simply a declaration. Each and every Jew could participate.

The sad truth is that the State of Israel was formed in 1948 with a flaw. That flaw was recognized by the Chareidi population. Satmer to the extreme, refused to recognize the State because the State left out Torah in its formation. The other Chareidi groups opposed the State to a lesser degree. The State, in their defense, actively supported Torah Institutions and under the State, unprecedented growth of Torah and Mitzvos mushroomed to unbelievable proportions. Judaism flourished and Jews were able to practice Judaism without major hindrances. That is until recently...

Now that original flaw in the formation of the State is turning into a real crack.

Jewish Leadership must acknowledge that the Formation and Foundation of the State of Israel is seriously flawed as the Chareidi population has repeatedly stated over the years. Until recently, Torah believing Jews were able to live in the State of Israel and practice their religion. Now they are unable to do so and the entire foundation of the State is breaking apart. The Lubavitch Rebbe in a letter to Geula Cohen was against using the terminology of the State of Israel but rather uses terms such as the Land of Israel and the Nation of Israel. The Modern day State of Israel is not eternal. The Covenant of the Land of Israel to the Nation of Israel is.

Religious Zionism has shown unwavering, continuous, loyal support for the State of Israel. It is quite understandable since the settlements were established under the State of Israel. (roads, water, electricity, local gov't, etc). One is hesitant to spit at the water they drank from.

The Torah Institutions including chareidi Institutions as well as my own alma mater Michlala, have recently had their funding severely cut by the gov't so that their day to day operations are severely threatened.

The time has come to finally speak out against the original flaw of the State of Israel and to speak up for the Land of Israel, the Nation of Israel and Torath Yisroel.

The time has come to demand that each and every Rabbinic Leader in Israel as well as in Chutz Laaretz claim the Land of Israel for the people of Israel.

The Land of Israel is a Divine Decree for the people of Israel. Even if the Jews in the Diaspora would forego their rights to the Land they can not. In monetary transactions if one person loans another money and then foregoes the loan, that's legitimate.

But the Land of Israel belongs to the Creator of the Earth. The Jews in the Diaspora may not relinquish their rights to the Land simply because they are not living there. The Jews in Israel may not allow or encourage Jews in the Diaspora to do so either.

Rabbinic Leaders wherever they may be, must be put in the spotlight and claim the Land of Israel as their own. Rabbinic Leaders and the Nation of Israel must publicly make a statement for the Torah (purposely given at Sinai and not in the Land of Israel) for the Covenant and against the Roadmap. We must question the value of a religion that is simply academic but not put into practice. (How can we study that the Land of Israel was promised as an eternal inheritance to the people of Israel and not speak out against the Roadmap?) We must ask Rabbinic Leaders "Is the Torah relevant to our time?" If it's relevant then why isn't there a public outcry against the Roadmap?

If they reply it's politics and we don't want to take away time from our learning then ask them "Is it proper to study the laws of how to give charity to a poor person and then when a poor person comes knocking on our door we tell him please don't disturb my learning?"

The status of the Land of Israel is Torah and is fundamental to Torah. One can not remove the status of the Land of Israel from Torah just like one can not remove the heart of the Land of Israel from the Land of Israel.

Imagine if Rav Shteinman and Rav Eliashiv and Rav Kanievsky would make a statement. They have fabulous PR with Kupat Hair and the organization for Aniyei Eretz Yisroel. One statement from them would bring statements from hundreds of thousands of Jews many chareidim who love Eretz Yisroel. Kupat Hair has inserts in the Jewish Press and perhaps Hamodia and Yated not to mention all streets in Boro Park and Flatbush plastered.

Chaim Dovid Zwiebel of Agudas Yisroel told me personally that their hands are paralyzed unless some statement comes from Eretz Yisroel. I have no doubt that Agudas Yisroel in America has tremendous influence over a very large religious population of Jews,Yeshivas and shuls in America.

Standing up for the Covenant and the Torah and against the Roadmap is our only hope for Eretz Yisroel.

What is Aliya to Eretz Yisroel without Torath Yisroel?
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