Thursday, May 28, 2015

Renanah Goldhar Gemeiner Coming To New York from Toronto, She will have a Table at Concert in the Park with extensive material from fabulous Toronto Israel activists and /Toronto Zionist Organizations . Check it out.


Dear Friends, amv"sh

Renanah writes as her reasons for flying to NY from Toronto especially for this concert:

I in no way think I am important or a scholar.  I am just a volunteer but as such I hope I have something to contribute.  I thought it might be very useful to have someone from Canada representing a significant effort and group of people/organizations all devoted to educating on the facts which MK Hotovety refers to when she recently stated the whole land is ours and that if we really understood this we would be able to deal with the outside opposition.....R"

Friends, Renanah is very modest! But do not mistake this humility with weakness. If you are in media or in the Rabbinate or just another Israel activist volunteer like Renanah or myself please check out the material listed below and then pass it along. Feature them in your radio programming or Print Media.   You will not be disappointed! The Truth then will be revealed to others.  We need to think of ourselves as soldiers and  fighters in this War of Pro Israel Advocacy. We are Tzivos Hashem.

Here is a partial list of  links to Zionist Activists and affiliate Orgs in Toronto whom Renanah is representing!
They do phenomenal work!  

This post will be updated periodically with additional names and orgs and their links. 

My comments:

There are some individuals who are in a league of their own.  They strive to reach goals that others don't want to even approach.  One can not help but wonder from where do they get their strength? 

Glenn Richter n"y of SSSJ is an example of such an individual.  Almost single handedly, (by this I mean they were not an established organization with an impressive budget and/or significant paid office staff),  he opened the floodgates of Soviet Jewry. Mainstream Orgs then took their cue from SSSJ.  

Renanah is another such individual, very humble as you can see by her comment above. 

What is their secret?  Recently it occurred to me that perhaps I have stumbled onto something. 

Hashem  Tz'va'kot imanu, misgav lanu Elokei Ya'akov, Selah. 
Hashem, Master of Legions is with us, He is our support, the G-d of Jacob, Selah. 

Hashem  Tz'va'kot ashrei adam boteach bach. 
Hashem, Master of Legions, praiseworthy is the one who trusts in Him. 

Hashem Hoshiah haMelech ya'aneinu v'yom kareinu. 
Hashem will save, the King will answer on the day that we call. 

There are many among us who are not hampered by the fact that we are so few in numbers.  We understand the righteousness of our cause and see heavenly legions upon legions (Tz'va'kot) waiting to help us in our mission. They all come from an Almighty G-d.   And if we do not picture these legions in our minds, it doesn't hurt to envision them now.  Call us visionary.  Our enemies will call us delusional. But then again they have plenty of choice names to call us and this will be just one more.

Those who require and  primarily depend on approval and support from others,  often face a downhill battle and discouragement when such approval and support is not forthcoming. 

It requires tremendous faith in the One Above, in our G-d Almighty, and to draw upon His strength to tackle overwhelming odds.  

Our strength, from the One Above, can not be bribed or withheld by humans.  It is only from this source that we can ultimately convince ourselves and others to face enemies much more powerful, stronger and greater in number than ourselves, (or so they appear to be). 

 If we are united as ONE and put our full trust in G-d, noone, other than G-d Himself, can defeat us!  

Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten, Hashem Yevarech es Amo BaShalom. God will give strength to his people, God will bless his people with peace. 

Hashem oz leamo yiten-Carlebach ה' עוז לעמו יתן-שלמה קרלבך


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