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Fwd: Pollard - Unconditionally פולארד - ללא תנאי

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Date: 2010/10/20
Subject: Pollard - Unconditionally פולארד - ללא תנאי

The Pro-Israel Community Calls for Unconditional, No-Strings-Attached Release of Pollard from Prison
Please call the White House, Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 EST: 202-456-1414 / 202-456-1111
* In Israel: 16:00 to 23:00 (Israel time). Toll Free #: 077-566-4150.
Say you respectfully request a "no-strings-attached" unconditional release of Jonathan Pollard from prison.
"No strings attached" means that you think that President Obama should finally, after so many years, grant clemency to Mr. Pollard without insisting that Israel give up even more land to hostile Palestinians in return.  This needs to be stressed because unfortunately, some pro-Palestinian-state congressmen have been working for the Pollard release, which is excellent, but simultaneously, they have been implying to President Obama that: "at a time when Israel... is being faced with difficult decisions, a decision by you to grant clemency ...could be especially useful at a time when those decisions are being made".  In other words, these legislators have hinted, inadvertently or intentionally,  that clemency for Jonathan Pollard will be useful for extorting more concessions from Israel, which is the last thing in the world the pro-Israel community should want to convey to Mr. Obama.
So, can you please call and ask for "no-strings-attached" unconditional release of Pollard from prison.  The receptionist will write down your message, and ask her or him to read it back to you to make sure they got it right. You can also fax or write. Here's how: Please can you pass this on to your friends, and if you live here in Israel,  tell them that in return for their efforts, you will be honored to give them a ride to Ben-Gurion airport on the day Mr. Pollard arrives.
Letters from prominent public figures on behalf of Mr. Pollard, which are well-drafted and do NOT hint that the President should push Israel into "difficult decisions", include: 
March for Sara
Friday 29 October, walk in Shomron in memory of terror victim Sara Lisha. Organized by longstanding Mattot Arim activists (2 generations!), the Apelkers from Kochav Yair.
8:30 AM till approximately 11:30 AM. Rain or shine.  Particulars: 0545/493186 or  09/7493018.

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