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Regarding destruction of Chareidi homes: Forbidden to sit on one's Laurel's and Fold our Arms HaRav Ben Zion Grossman of Migdal Haamek


Yom Chevron 29 Iyar 5770

(Translation)  Interview Eretz Yisroel Shelanu

 HaGaon HaRav Ben Zion Grossman of Migdal Haamek:
Soul Searching our Silence of  Gush Katif -

It is Forbidden to Sit Passively and Fold our Arms

The brothers of Yosef Hatzadik said to one another (Breishith 42:21) "Indeed we are guilty concerning our brother, inasmuch as we saw his heartfelt anguish as he pleaded with us and we paid not heed.  That is why this anguish has come upon us" When the State of Israel destroyed tens of settlements, abandoned thousands of Jews, and gave their lands to murderers who set fire to their Shuls, and the Chareidi community sat and was quiet, many said in their hearts:  this won't happen to us.  and behold, it happened, and today within Yerushalyim they are not building, and in Chareidi settlements they are demolishing homes"


Honorable HaRav Grosman shlita,  Netanyahu is developing proximity talks with Arabs for the establishment of a Palestinian State and has frozen all building in Yerushalayim and the religious Chareidi parties are busy with themselves,

The Lubavitcher Rebbe warned immediately after the Six Day War, 43 or so years ago, that any concession will lead to additional concessions.  He cried strongly against religious parties supporting a government that was willing to cede parts of our Holy Land and he warned hundreds of times that in the end they will give away Yerushalayim, G-d forbid.  I am amazed how religious Jews can be a partner to this terrible situation as never before.

"Who believed two years ago that they would freeze construction in Ramat Shlomo or destroy houses in Modiin Ilit, and they would freeze all construction in Beitar Ilit?  The day before the elections, in an interview with Eretz Yisroel Shelanu, I warned of terrible consequences.  Unfortunately, it all actualized, because the words of the Tzadik Hador like the Lubavitcher Rebbe are not to be taken back.  What is left to do is for all the Rabbanim and ASkanim to stand up and not allow Chas Veshalom any progress in the continuation of negotiations that will bring the spilling of blood to millions of Jews in Eretz Hakodesh"

The awful destruction of the homes in Yishuv Modiin by inspectors of the Civilian Administration reminded many of the Churban of Gush Katif.  Is there a connection?

The Torah speaks of Yosef Hatzadik's brothers that they said 'Indeed we are guilty concerning our brother, inasmuch as we saw his heartfelt anguish as he pleaded with us and we paid not heed.  That is why this anguish has come upon us'.  It is no secret that at the time the State destroyed tens of Yishuvim, and figuratively abandoned thousands of Jews from the face of this earth, and gave their lands to murderers who set fire to their shuls and Batei Medrashoth, the majority of the Chareidi community sat and was silent including the Rabbanim.  Many said to themselves 'this won't happen to us' and behold this happened, and today  we see that in Yerushalayim they are not building, and in Chareidi communities they are destroying houses with fierce anger.

"It is clear that we need penetrating soul searching and know that the words of the Lubavitch Rebbe on the subject of Eretz Yisroel are actual words of prophesy, and not pointless, and everyone must act according to the Holy Torah, to do whatever is in his power with money or by deed, to stop the continuation of the political process and the practice of giving additional territory to Arabs.

"In Hilchos Taaniyot Perek  Aleph Halacha Gimmel, the Rambam writes:' But if they do not scream or make noise, rather they will say this matter is a usual occurrence that this tragedy  happened to occur, this is cruelty and causes them to adhere to their evil ways and bring additional anguish upon themselves'.  Therefore, everyone must learn from this, of what happened in Gush Katif, to rectify ones deeds and know exactly why this Tzara has coming upon us.

"From here I would like to praise HaGaon Rabbi Shalom Volpe, the one that sits at the head of Eretz Yisroel Shelanu, who according to the instructions of the Rebbe literally devotes his soul to this matter of saving Eretz Yisroel.  From him we should learn and act and each and every person is obligated according to Din Torah, to do whatever he can regarding this matter."

With what should we strengthen ourselves?

First of all strengthen ourselves with Torah, Mitzvoth and good deeds.  These are the protection of evil tidings with the anticipation of the coming of Moshiach speedily in our day.   With this having been said, it is our obligation, as Jews that have merited living in Eretz Yisroel HaKadosh, to do everything in ones power for Eretz Yisroel and not to rest on one's laurels and say "Peace be unto me".  Eventually, this awful danger will reach us all, and no one is excused monetarily or in deed in this matter of saving Eretz Yisroel and helping the settlements in every which way.  These words are directed to those in the Diaspora as well.  There is an obligation upon each individual.  Therefore I call upon you to assist all activities of "Hamateh LeHatzalas Haam VeHaaretz' and 'Eretz Yisroel Shelanu'.  I want to wish all of us that we merit receiving the Torah with inner joy from happiness and goodness of our hearts.


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