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From Arieh King: Fwd:: Do not donate to the destruction of Israel - Jewish Agency and Keren Hayesod supporting our enemies


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מצ"ב פניה ל120 תורמים של הקרן הקיימת,תושבי ארה"ב, קנדה, אוסטרליה ואנגליה. בפניה זו אני קורא להפסיק לאלתר לתרום לאגונים "הציוניים": קרן היסוד והסוכנות היהודית לאור חשיפת תרומותיהם לארגונים אנטי ישראלים, אנטישמיים ולאור ההפליה של ארגונים אלו כנגד תושבי איוש




זוהי פנייה אישית שמיועדת להפצה במיוחד לתושבי חו"ל היהודים שבתום לב תורמים ממיטב כספם וממעשרותיהם לארגונים כגון"

קרן היסוד, הסוכנות היהודית ועוד…

הודעה זו מצביעה על דפוס התנהגות של ארגונים אלו, שעיקרו: העברת כספי הארגון לארגונים אנטי-ישראלים, או לשתופי פעולה עם ארגונים אלו.

לאור חומרת המידע המצ"ב, אודה לך מקרב לב אם תואיל להעביר את תוכנו למכריך בחו"ל.



אריה קינג


הלשכה לפניות הציבור לענייני מזרח ירושלים

הקרן לאדמות ישראל








Are you donating to Keren Hayesod? You think you are helping your brothers in Eretz Israel? So let me give you a brief that will explain you were your money is getting to (Jews with weak heart must seat and have a glass of water beside):



Apple seeds Foundation:  web site:

Education fund:

Baqa El Garbia


Buena Nuedat


Majed El Krum



Kisra Samiya

Dir El Asad…


All of them are Arab cities. Some are related to the Northern Islamic Movement that is not recognizing the JEWISH STATE!!!  


At the website of this foundation you will find just 1 (O-N-E!!!!) settlement : Maaleh Hadumim.



New Israel Fund:  web site:

The New Israel Fund was responsible to give Judge Goldstone the falls information that was the base to his report against Isreal and the IDF.

The Keren Hayesod is sponsoring the Jewish Agency and the Jewish (?) Agency have the NIF as a partner in few projects.


That means : Keren Hayesod is sponsoring project that are being navigator and active by a Anti-Zionist & Anti – Jewish state fund, the NIF!




Israel Religious Action Center: web site:           this is the list of donors:

The Jewish Agency for Israel is receiving money from Keren Hayesod, and what is IRAC is working on?

Planning Jerusalem as a two Capitals for Two states!!!!

Supporting the Arab who build illegal buildings at East Jerusalem…


This is a short list of IRAC partners:

Association for Civil Rights in Israel  representing Arab Terrorists  
Bimkom - Planners for Planning Rights Planing Jerusalem as 2 capital for 2 states!!
Coalition to Prevent Hot Return of Sudanese -  Helping Sudanese that came illegally in to Israel  to stay in Israel!!!!
Forum for Arab Education in the Negev  ---Arab Education
Forum of Department Heads of Welfare in the Arab Sector  Arab Sector….
Forum to End Nutritional Insecurity in Israel
Hemdat - the Council for Freedom of Religion in Israel
Hotline for Migrant Workers
Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance
Kollot - Empowerment for the Disabled
Masorti Movement in Israel
Mossawa - The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel Yes….Arab again…
New Israel Fund NO COMMENT!!!
PTA of Bedouin in the Negev
Yedid - The Association for Community Empowerment


That means: You donating to Keren Hayesod That is sponsoring  the Jewish Agency for Israel   that are acting together with Anti – Israeli organization that are spending most of their money on Arabs!!!!







Regretfully there are many other examples of how "Jewish" donations are getting to Anti-Jewish organization without the donors  knowing about that!

Please do pass this e-mail to your e-mail list!!!


Don't give our enemies money!

Don't sponsor the Anti- Jewish organization!

Stop Donate to Keren Hayesod! NOW!!!!!











Very important to share with any Jew who might be donating to

Jewish Agency or Keren Hayesod to help Jews in Israel.

(Keren Hayesod is supporting the Jewish Agency)

Shalom Rabbi

This is a long letter, but please for your sake for the sake of the Jewish Nation, read the letter till the end,

My name is Arieh King and I am one of the handful of people that established the Israel Land Fund, after I finally understood that the JNF (KKL) are no longer a Zionist organization, They become post-zionist organization. I am writing a book to explain why. In short, their annual budget to purchase lands for the Jewish People is not even 5% of their entire huge annual budget.

Despite a constant flow of offers. Further, they are letting Arabs build freely on lands that are already in their hands that were purchased with funds designated for buying lands for Jews. 

The subject of this particular email is not JNF but rather two other major "Zionist" organizations:

The Jewish Agency & Keren Hayesod.

If you think by that donating to The Jewish Agency & Keren Hayesod you share in helping the Jewish People settle and live safely in Israel, you are wrong. I know it is shocking. I have spent years learning the details and must now go public with this.


Let me give you one example for now:

Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), an anti-Zionist organization, who fights even Israeli governmental efforts, is supported by the Jewish Agency.


{All the information attached below is taken from the RHR web site}

Defense of Palestinian Human Rights

Click Here to learn how Rabbis for Human Rights works to attain justice for those who have been separated from their homes, families, places of employment and their lands.

Preventing Home Demolitions

Click here to learn how Rabbis for Human Rights works to prevent demolitions through education, lobbying, legal appeal, publicity, protest and, as a last resort, civil disobedience.

Agricultural Access

Agricultural AccessClick here to learn how Rabbis for Human Rights helps guarantee Palestinians' access to their trees while reducing the number of violent incidents and acts of theft and vandalism during the harvest season.

Separation Barrier

Click here to learn how Rabbis for Human Rights works to oppose the route of the Separation Barrier where it unnecessarily expropriates lands, cuts people off from their fields, divides villages or surrounds them.



And who are their supporters? YOU!!!!


The list below was taken from the  RHR web site :



By Rabbis for Human Rights on September 9th, 2006 ShareThis


Major supporters of Rabbis for Human Rights over the years have

Alan B. Slifka Foundation

Amcha for Tzedakah

Church of Sweden

Foundation for Middle East Peace

Irish Charity & Development Agency - Trócaire

Netherlands Reform Church

Norwegian Church Aid

Peace Development Fund

The Abraham Fund

The Dorot Foundation

The Ford Foundation

The Funding Exchange

The Jewish Agency   (Keren Ayesod is the major sponsor of  the Jewish Agency)

The Jewish Federation of Greater San Jose

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

The New Israel Fund

The Niwano Peace Foundation

The Shefa Fund



Now let me ask you:

Did you know that this is where your money is going to?

If you believe in the work of such organizations, that is your business, but when you gave to the Jewish Agency, is this what you counted on?


And if now you will open the file attached to this message you will see a Jewish Agency poster for blessing Arabs for their religious holyday… THIS IS YOUR MONEY!!!!

 (Did they send a similar blessing to your brothers at Sderot? Netivot? Eshcol? Ashkelon? Tell me!)



Now please don't misunderstand me, If you donated at the past to Keren Hayesdo & The Jewish Agency, you must now choose one of these ways:

a)    stop donating them

b)    stop donating them

c)     stop donating them

d)    stop donating them

e)     , f). g), to continue…



The Conclusion is:


The days of these major organizations to be effective in their original missions are passing, and, have lost their independence.

Since 1948, especially after 1967, and with finality since 1994, all of the "Zionist" organizations have become political - governmental entities.

A handful of Jews privately  established "Nefesh Be Nefesh" after they understood that the government was no longer effectively cultivating bringing Jews to Israel. In fact the  Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption may close altogether!


We at the newly established Israel Land Fund understand that if we want to save the Jewish Land, our promised land, the Jewish nation should take independent responsibility. We cannot rely on KKL (JNF) to carry out their original mandate, and neither can we rely on the Israeli government. We will do it with your help, and we can redeem the land and make it ours and safe.

We are offered vast tracts of land from the Negev to the Galilee, for legal purchase just as land like the Jezreel Valley was first acquired.


Another newly established independent organization in the Galilee since 2007 is "The New Watchman" ('Hashomer Hachadash'). Its purpose is to provide guard services for Jewish settlements in the Galilee. This is because ranchers, farmers, and residents in Galilee can no longer rely on the Israeli police - exactly like the earliest pioneers could not rely on the British to stop the Arabs from attacking and killing Jews in the Galilee.

So in 1907 they founded 'The Watchman'; which spawned other groups and grew into the Haganah in 1920.  A century later, we must take care of lives and livelihood by ourselves, under the Israeli Government. Tragic but true.


Image:Members of Hashomer.jpg   


Hashomer (1907) ( photos of Jewish guards from 100 years ago)





In The New Hashomer (2007) The guards are from special military units that well trained that also working as shepherds and cowboys.


Would you like examples why the New Hashomer is necessary?

* Just 4 nights ago (22/4/2008) at Chukuk ranch (managed by Shay & Lior) located 15   

   minutes from the Kinneret), 20 cows were poisoned by Arab.


* 8 months ago 4 Jewish houses were burnt down in Peqiin. And grenades were thrown at the residents.



* 10 days ago Arabs started a fire that burned 2000 dunams – 500 acres of pasture land belonging  to a Jewish shepherd.


* On a regular basis Jewish farmers and ranchers are shot at, are asked for "protection money," and suffer arson  

    and deliberate theft.


What I want to tell you is that:


 Instead of donating to Arabs through Keren Hayesod, JNF, Jewish Agency and Israel Government


Donate to entities you can trust will never pass your money, that was specifically meant to help the Jewish people in Israel, to Arab.


And where you can check every minute where your money goes to!


More information about:

The high salaries,

The high budget for flights,

The huge budget of projects for non- Jewish people,

The huge budget for rental of offices, cars and for office costs.

All about that will be soon also sent to you.


With a lot of respect to the history of the organizations,



         Yours in Yerushalaim

Arieh King
















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This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.  
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