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Outnumbered 30 to 7 - Mishtara biased against Jews. Mishtara fails to protect Jews under attack. Arrests the security guard that shot in air in self defense, still has not returned video that proves Jews innocence, Arabs bring false witnesses to test


Dear Journalists and Fellow Activists, amv"sh

Please read the full story by Hillel Fendel on Arutz 7.

Arab Squatters were handed eviction notice by the 78 years old owner Yitzchok Herskovits. They responded with stones. Link to Arutz 7 article by Hillel Fendel  at Beit Tzafafah

Read about it in

Outnumbered 30 to 7

I am not an investigative reporter but I received a first hand report from the photographer on the scene of the above mentioned articles. 

The blue clothes police, Mishtara,  took the side of the Arab aggressors.  They arrested Mordechai, a security guard of the group, who acted in self defense, in response to a barrage of large Arab hurled grapefruit sized stones.  The Mishtara also attempted to arrest and fingerprint the photographer  who clearly did nothing but film.  Luckily one of the border police intervened so the photographer was let go.  The Mishtara, the blue clothed police took away the incriminating film of the Arab stone throwers with the agreement that a copy of the video film would be returned to the photographer. As of a few hours ago,  this has still not happened. 

If the Mishtara fails to return the film, they are clearly hiding evidence that will show proof of innocence on the part of the Jews. This video proves that  the Jews were clearly acting in self defense and that the Arabs were the aggressors. 

Jewish citizens in the State of Israel as do citizens in the USA as do citizens all over the world have the right of self defense!

Not only were there 20- 30 rock throwers against these 7 Jews resulting in 2 injuries, thank G-d not life threatening, this Arab family  brought  false evidence to incriminate the Jews who were on the receiving end of their rocks. They  fabricated testimony that a bullet hit a man in the hand and also that the Jews stabbed an Arab women.  Of course as the video shows,  the group of Jews were all running under cover because they were under attack so this would be highly impossible.  With the grace of G-d, Mordechai, the security guard was released because the video was able to prove that Mordechai, the security guard clearly acted in self defense by shooting in the air. He did his job.  The bullet of the alleged Arab victim did not match the bullets in Mordechai's gun and that the wound was incompatible with a wound that would have resulted from Mordechai's gun.  This is clear proof that the Arabs brought false testimony

I don't know if Mordechai got his gun returned to him.  I wonder if any of the  Arab witnesses were arrested for false testimony and if there was an investigation as per who set them up to testify falsely?  For example, were they bribed?

 Why with a history of false allegations by Arabs against settlers do the police believe the Arab Side and not the Jewish side? Isn't there a chazaka,  a status quo,   on the part of the Arabs that they will be hostile to a Jewish presence entering their domain.  Can Jews freely enter Arab villages w/o being afraid for their lives?   Arabs that are not suspected terrorists, are not afraid for their lives in Jewish population centers.  The walk around freely, feeling safe of being attacked. They and Israelis are merely inconvenienced by annoying security checks to weed out potential Arab suicide bombers and terrorists. On the other hand,  a mere Jewish presence in Arab population centers are considered "provocation" and their lives are seriously at risk as was seen by the lynching of 3 Israeli Soldiers, Daniel Pinner and many other examples. .

Unfortunately large news agencies including Jewish ones  trust the police reports  as opposed to the version presented by the "radical settlers".

Mordechai  the security guard was arrested and had to spend Shabbat in jail for firing in the air.  What was he supposed to do.  Allow his group to be sitting ducks?.  What would have happened to Mordechai, the security guard, had the Arab stone throwers not been caught on film and had his bullets been of the more standard variety that matched the type of bullet wound of the false Arab witness? There would be no evidence except the lies of the Arabs.  Would he have been forced to sit in  jail like Jonathan Pollard whose crime was to somehow to the best of his ability attempt to  protect his fellow Jew when the real responsible parties, like the IDF or Mishtara failed to do their job? Would Mordechai have been placed in administrative detention for months, with hefty legal feels, unable to work and bring in a livelihood for his family as is the case with some other unfortunate settlers with nasty police reports against them that rely on Arabs stories rather than the real truth based on an unbiased, non politically motivated investigation? 

 Is it any wonder that the UN Goldstone report succeeded in incriminating Israel in Operation Cast Lead for executing their moral obligation of protecting their citizens, similar to the way the Israeli judicial system currently incriminates settlers  in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere for executing their right in self defense? Middah Kinegged Middah.

Why didn't the Israeli Court send the army to issue the eviction notice?
  Clearly the Arabs have history of hostility against the Jews especially when they are being evicted for squatting.   Why is it the responsibility of a 78 year old landowner to serve the eviction papers in hostile territory? 

Maybe the way things turned out is for the best for Herskovitz.  Apparently one can surmise that the police is biased against the Jews.   If the police would have received orders to serve the eviction notice, who knows if the fact that the eviction papers  reached the Selah family squatters would have been duly documented and recorded as was the case here.. From Hillel Fendel's report they simply threw the eviction papers away. It was recorded on video, however, that it was received.

We must demand from the Mishtara to return at least an untampered copy of the video film back to the photographer as evidence of what really happened.  Surely this evidence is needed to counter the negative publicity generated from biased media reports that base their news on false police reports that  serve once again to to demonize the settlers. 

We can not allow biased media journalists and the Mishtara to get away with spreading false and evil reports based on  police reports based on lies. 

The government of Israel has the obligation to protect its loyal citizens and when they fail to do so should not incriminate those that are forced to defend themselves to the best of their ability.

Let me conclude by adding that we can not allow the action of any individual, even if found guilty, which is clearly not the case here, to  be used to smear the reputation and good name of upright citizens and wholesome communities  that live in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere who believe in the Torah and our entitlement to the entire Israel within the Biblical Borders.

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