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Aish Chanukah film. Will Aish be the Macabeem of Today?


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Watch this inspiring, short Chanukah film.

My comment:

Truly inspiring but what is Aish doing to be the Macabeem of Today?

Does Aish speak out for our entitlement of Eretz Yisroel and against the formation of a Palestinian State.

Can't we see a clear connection, cause and effect, between Israel giving away our Land,  and releasing terrorists to our enemies in the name of "peace"  and precisely all the tragic scenes in your short inspiring Chanukah film?

 If we go with happenstance (keri) with Hashem then He will go with happenstance with us.

 Ait Laasot LaHashem Hefeiru Toratecha.  

Will AISH proudly SPEAK OUT for our Covenant?  If we remain silent at Annapolis resolutions or UN resolutions of today or since 2002 when there is discussion of a Roadmap that contradicts the Torah Roadmap, won't that be interpreted  by the world that we are rejecting our birthright c"v?

Biblical References:

Vayikra 26 Pasuk (42) "Vezacharti as Brisi Yaakov, Veaf as Brisi Yitzchok, Veaf es Brisi Avraham Ezkor, Vehaaretz Ezkor". I will remember My Covenant with Jacob and also My covenant with Isaac, and also My covenant with Abraham will I remember, and I will remember the Land. (43)The Land will be bereft of them; and it will be appeased for its sabbaticals having become desolate of them; and they must gain appeasement for their iniquity, because they were revolted by My ordinances and because their spirit rejected My decrees.

When we agree to give away Judea and Samaria we also forego any possibility of observing the Shemittah or the rest of the commandments dependant on the Land. Are we only too willing to part with our Land thinking that we are then released from our burdens (Ol Mitzvoth)?  Is our burning desire to be like all other Nations, our new religion? Where is the cry "THIS IS OUR LAND"?

The Covenant of Yaakov is in Breishis Perek 28 Pasukim 13-16. The Covenant to Yitzchok is Breishis Perek 26 Pesukim 2-6. The Covenant with Avraham is Breishis Perek 15 Pesukim 18-21.

The Covenants and promises to the forefathers share three points. 1. Land is promised to them and to their children afterwords 2. The Nations of the world are blessed through them and 3. the children must keep the commandments in order to be worthy of the Land.

Why do we tolerate headlines reading "Hebron Rioters Inspired by Radical Settler Leaders".  Settlers are depicted as unlawful, occupiers and stealing Arab property, radical.  Did Aish come to the defense of the Hebron community, expressing our entitlement for Beit Hashalom, or did Aish comment with disgust at the cruel illegal destruction of the Federman and Tor homes, or did AISH even know about the illegal prosecution and imprisonment of residents of the hilltop settlements such as Asael whose only crime is self defense?

The Torah in Nitzavim Perek 29 Pasuk 23 says And all the nations will say, "For what reason did Hashem do so to this Land; why this wrathfulness of great anger?" (24)And they will say, "Because they forsook the Covenant of Hashem, the G-d of their forefathers, that He sealed with them when He took them out of the Land of Egypt, and they went and served the gods of others and prostrated themselves to them, gods that they knew not and He did not apportion to them. So G-d's anger flared against that Land to bring upon the entire curse that is written in this Book; and Hashem removed them from upon their soil with anger, with wrath, and with fury and He cast them to another land as this very day! The hidden[sins] are for Hashem, our G-d but the revealed [sins] are for us and our children forever, to carry out all the words of this Torah.specifically,

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