Friday, October 03, 2008

5760.01.4 Israel the Land of My Possession - Unofficial Response from ReliableSource from Agudah regarding YESHA- Daniella Weiss imprisoned!


4 Tishrei 5769
Friday, October 3, 2008

1. Agudath Yisroel of America regarding our entitlement of YESHA - An unofficial response

2. Daniella Weiss, ex Mayor of Kedumim in the Shomron arrested. Action alert.

Gmar Chatima Tova!

1. Unofficial Response from Agudath Yisroel of America regarding our entitlement of YESHA

The following request was sent to Agudath Yisroel of America. 

It is time for the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah to come out with a statement of clarity of whether or not they agree that we are entitled to Yehudah and the Shomron. Our position is that this is a matter of Pikuach Nefesh and that Agudah should respond with clarity.

This is the unofficial response that we received:

The Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah do not have to have a position on any particular issue.  If, by "we are entitled", however, you mean was the Jewish People deeded all of Eretz Yisrael, then the answer is obviously yes.  But if you mean that, in our current state of golus a temporal Jewish State is best advised to hold onto all the territory under its control (and reclaim territory it has already conceded to an Arab entity, that is a different question, and one that the American Moetzes, to the best of my knowledge, has not rendered any decision about (and would be unlikely to).

We feel strongly that it is imperative for Agudah to come out with a statement of clarity and therefore we added...

...Because lack of a position is a clear position in favor of a Palestinian State and the promotion of a Palestinian State as is the policy of the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations headed by Malcolm Hoenlein..

To this the unofficial response to us was:

You are welcome to interpret the lack of a position any way you like.  You are welcome, too, to be wrong about your interpretation. 

My Response:

Apparently Agudah does not wish to take a position regarding our entitlement to Eretz Yisroel as relevant to our times and  they will also not definitively rule that indeed we are effectively in Galus and the State of Israel and all of the miracles of our generation are irrelevant. They are sitting on a fence, hanging in a state of uncertainty and indecision thereby allowing Amalek to take over.  

Also reference to the "territories already ceded" raises the option that they perhaps believe that these territories ceded indeed legally belong to an Arab entity.  It is quite astounding to me that the Agudah can actually consider as an option a clear negation of G-d's Covenant to Am Yisroel.  In addition Joe Gemeiner of Toronto writes  with full knowledge of a Report in Progress soon to be released, that the Oslo accord and the "Interim agreement" are illegal according to some highly regarded Law firm, and that according to that firm, pursuant to Israeli Law these agreement contravene the law on both constitutional and criminal levels, 

Rabbi Hollander's response:

 In response to the above unofficial response from Agudah, Rabbi Hollander, a member of the nascent Sanhedrin  and on the Rabbinic Board of the Bnei Noach writes:

This is very important. It is indeed the true position of the Aguda. They do not relate to the State of Israel as having any significance beside a "temporal" one.
However, our very existence is a temporal existence.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to try to get the responder to elaborate on the meaning he gives to the word "temporal".
The use of the word "temporal" here reminds me of 
"God and Caesar, church and state, spiritual authority and temporal authority, have been a prevailing dualism in Western culture," declares Samuel Huntington
In other words, "temporal" means - in this physical world, as distinct from a spiritual world.
However, the responder also uses the phrase "in our current state of golus". very revealing. The responder sees us in Golus. This is a "Reform" interpretation of the term Golus. The authentic meaning of Golus is: not in Eretz Yisroel, perhaps also under the rule of Goyim in EY. What is the source for this Reform interpretation?
Is the responder willing to say that the Jews in Israel are halachically in Golus? 
Perhaps Golus is a permanent state of affairs in the Aguda mentality, and has nothing to do with reality?

2. Daniella Weiss, ex Mayor of Kedumim in the Shomron arrested
This morning Daniella Weiss, ex-mayor of Kedumim and one of the leaders of the loyalists of Erets Israel was arrested at the entrance to her house in Kedumim when policemen tried to confiscate a car that was parked in her street.

Daniella was brutally arrested and so was another Kedumim lady.During the day other activists of the movement were arrested too. Even Daniella's husband was arrested and released a couple hours later.

 for details of the story see arutz 7 news report

Daniella and her friend Shosh were sent overnight to the Neve Tirza prison and tomorrow morning will be brought to court at 10:30 probably to the kfar saba Shalom Court house.

 Whoever lives in the area- whoever can come to Court- it is very important to come and show support. Make sure the case will really be brought to Kfar Saba by calling Honenu 1599504020 around 8:30 am .

 Protest this insane arrest by calling and faxing the different ministers.

All government ministries can be found here:

 We are at the height of a renewed wave of arrests and witch hunt by the fanatical Left against the camp of the lovers of Israel . We will make it clear to them that the more they try to persecute and oppress us, the more we will be determined to fight for Eretz Israel.

Nadia Matar, Women in Green

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