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5768.10.28 Israel the Land of My Possession., Rabbi Algaze, Today we are Sheep w/o Leaders. Shdema, Temple Mount


Israel  the Land of My Possession.  A digest of articles in the spirit of Calev Ben Yefunah and Yehoshua Ben Nun!  Oloh Naaleh Veyarashnu Osah Ki Yachol Nuchal La!  Bamidbar 13:30. Please feel free to distribute!

28 Tamuz 5768
Tuesday, 31 July 2008

1.  Rabbi Shteinsaltz, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky.  Where R  our Rabbinic Leaders leading us?  An expose.

2.  Update on Shdema - Women in Green
Petition for Temple Mount Over 2,000 Signatures.  Pass it on!

1.  Where are OUR Rabbinic Leaders leading us?  An expose.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, a member of the Sanhedrin recently came to the United States and met with concerned Jews who love Eretz Yisroel and would like to see the Rabbanim speak with clarity for our Torah and our entitlement of Eretz Yisroel Hashleima.  Rabbi Steinsaltz is the Rosh Hanasi of the nascent Sanhedrin so his response and willingness to lead was expected.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  We are publicizing Rav Steinsaltz's position so that those that follow him, including the members of the Sanhedrin will take note of his non position and his SILENCE and his unwillingness to lead. 

We also have been in contact with Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva in Philadelphia and Rabbinical adviser and mentor of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation and we are equally disappointed in his lack of desire to lead. We are publicizing Rav Kamenetsky's response to our inquiries regarding Eretz Yisroel and leave it up to you  to come to your own conclusions.  These Rabbanim have unquestioned loyalty among their chasidim.  Our concern is that there is more loyalty to the Rav then there is to the Torah and this is dangerous.  We hear you ask, "Doesn't it say

You shall come to the Kohanim, the Levites, and to the judge who will be in those days; you shall inquire and they will tell you the word of the judgment. You shall do according to the word that they will tell you, from that place that HASHEM will choose, and you should be careful to do according to everything they will teach you. According to the teaching of the Torah (al Pi Hatorah)  that they teach you and the judgment that they will say to you, shall you do; you shall not deviate from the word that they will tell you, right or left. (Devarim 17:9-11)

That is surely true when their words are words based on Torah.  But when their words are based on politics we have no obligations to follow these Leaders.  Doesn't the Torah also say in the Aseret Hadibrot "Lo Yehiyeh Lecha Elokim Acheirum Al Panai"? Shemos 20:3. There is only one G-d and we are not allowed to have an intermediary.

Rabbi Hollander writes to Rabbi Algaze,

When I returned to Israel I spoke with Rabbi Steinsaltz who will not take part in a political action, and also with Rabbi Nebenzahl.
Rabbi Nebenzahl says that in principle a government may decide to secede from land of Eretz Yisrael for political benefits to the State of Israel, BUT  he agrees that as long as the enemy state that they want to destroy us, and/or take actions in that direction, making any concessions is foolish.

Rabbi Algaze's response to Rabbi Hollander.

Regarding the "political" action and the refusal of rabbis to become involved in the current situation I am absolutely baffled. The concept of a nation, a united people,  demands that all of us take an interest in what is happening in the land. What does it mean that a "government" can decide? Any government decision is right? If the "government" is  corrupt, immoral or treasonous (as the Petain regime in France), are we to remain silent?  I would presume that they would agree to speak up. It would be the least to be expected of moral leaders. Giving up parts of Eretz Israel is forbidden by the Torah. No posek has ever allowed this. Show me one who says it is permitted. The argument that we may do so for the sake of saving lives has been amply proven wrong and I would doubt that any group of serious rabbis would make such a pesak today. The more we give the more we put our citizens in danger (witness the Gaza disengagement). I have a deep admiration for Rabbis Steinsaltz and Nebentzahl. I must say, however, that I find their silence and indifference to what is happening in Israel today very troubling and incomprehensible. It seems to me that anyone who finds a government decision foolish and remains silent about it, is either irresponsible or willfully blind.
I would appreciate a fuller explanation of their decision to remain aloof. Sadly, they are not the only ones to remain silent. The kidnapping of our soldiers, the decision to release murderers that encourages more terror and more death, the engagement with terrorists to give up parts of Eretz Israel, the uprooting of true halutzim(the settlers of Yesha), who endanger their lives every day to insure that we can have safety in other parts of Israel, the campaign to obliterate our connection with our historical past, are all the result of this government and others in the past. If the Rabbinical leaders of Israel who are the true "neture karta" as the Gemara describes them, do not participate in the defense of the city, who will do it?  And,if after 60 years of a state, our leaders feel so powerless, I wonder who will lead us? We are like "sheep that has no shepherd" and that should not be.

My (Robin Ticker's) reaction: 

What Rabbi Agaze says make much sense. If Rabbi Steinsalz refuses to take part in "political action" and Rabbi Nebenzahl says that in principle a government may decide to secede from land of Eretz Yisrael for political benefits to the State of Israel apparently these are not the leaders who are speaking up for Eretz Yisroel and the Torah's position regarding our entitlement to Eretz Yisroel.

Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah re: Jewish State, Oct. 1937

Please note the highlighted words.
In 1937 in Marienbad, the Third Kenessiah of Agudas Yisroel was held. Here is positive proof that the majority of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah in 1937 voted in favor of a Jewish State and said that relinquishment of the Holy Land given to the Jewish people by G-d has no validity. It seems from their words that they are in favor of a Jewish State with the qualification that we must pursue expanding its borders and ensuring that the laws of a Jewish State will be founded on religion and tradition Let the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of our generation be true to their lineage, follow this declaration and actively join and unite with the multitudes of Jews that desire the same.

Taken from the journal HaPardes (volume 11, Issue 7, October 1937), 70 years ago, reprinted in Mishpacha Issue 179, 6 Cheshvan 5768, October 17,2007 Page 26)————————————————————————————————————-

"On Sunday, 16 Elul, the great Torah leaders discussed the question of a Jewish State, and reached the greatly anticipated decision of the congress. It was a stormy assembly, attended by the Rebbes of Gur, Ghorkov, Boyan, Sadigura, and the great Torah scholars members of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah (Rabbinical Council). A great battle took place, over seven hours, with struggles about every minute detail of the decision.

"Rabbi Wasserman, Rabbi Kotler, Rabbi Rottenberg of Antwerp, and rabbis from Czechoslovakia and Hungary were unanimous in rejecting any proposal for a Jewish State on either side of the Jordan River even if it were established as a religious state, because such a regime would be a form of heresy in our faith in the belief in the coming of the Mashiach and especially since this little Jewish State would be built on heresy and desecration of the Name of G-d.

"Arguing against them were the Rebbes of Boyan and Sadigura. Rabbi Tzirelson, the president of the congress, Rabbi [Aharon] Lewin of Reisha [the head of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah] and Rabbi Sorotzkin, [who said that] it is possible to agree, according to the laws of the Torah, to the establishment of a Jewish State in a portion of the Eretz Yisael without denying the belief in the coming of redeemer. There is no need to be concerned that the nonreligious would use the Jewish State to attack our religion. therefore, it is forbidden to reject entirely the matter of the Jewish State; rather we must pursue expanding its borders and ensuring that the laws of a Jewish State will be founded on religion and tradition, and we must protest that they did not consult frum Judaism and did not include its leaders in this discussion.

"Those in favor won the vote! All the decisions were accepted affirmatively.

Although the majority of the congress seemed to be in favor of the partition plan, the text of the resolution of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah contains the statements. " The foundation of the Jewish peoples right to the Holy Land is based on the Torah and the prophets…A Jewish State not based on the principles of Torah is a denial of Jewish origin, is opposed to the identity and to the true stature of our people, and undermines the basis of existence of our people…Any relinquishment of the Holy Land given to the Jewish people by G-d has no validity" (HaPardes 11:6)


Consulting with Members of the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah in our Generation:

Shmuel Koenig a fellow activist has been calling Rav Shmuel Kamenetsy.  Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky told him to call a Mr. George Klein. George Klein is a big real estate developer in New York and perhaps other places.  He is apparently an Orthodox Jew from the Chocolate Barton's family with strong affiliations with the Republican party. .  We called him and I dropped off material to his office.  (see attachment letter)  He says he is busy and suggested we call Malcolm Hoenlein and Chaim Dovid Zweibel and Elliot Brody from California.  Knowing whom we are dealing ( Malcolm Hoenlein and Rabbi Zweibel) we know that talking to them is like talking to the sweet talking Devil to promote our welfare.  (even though I don't know about Elliot Brody but Malcolm Hoenlein is pushing the Roadmap and Chaim Dovid Zweibel is the public liason of the Agudah Office who is in Washington DC and focusing on tuition subsidies etc and will only go so far as to say that the Arabs must stop the terror and show reciprocity. MOetzet Gedolei Hatorah have spoken out about an undivided Jerusalem and not at all against a 2 State Solution a Gush Katif in the making in Yehudah and the Shomron chas vechalila but instead of just 10,000 lives we are talking about over 200,000 people. Kupat Hair and Vaad HaRabbonim... will be overwhelmed with new impoverished people.   In addition, when it was clear that Condeleeza Rice did want to divide Jerusalem, Agudah is even silent about Jerusalem in Washington DC.

If this man George Klein, recommended by Rav Kamenetzky as the one to help us, sends us to Malcolm Hoenlein, what does it say about the position of the sender (Rav Kamenetzky) himself? This is totally crazy!

I think that our best bet is to contact Michael Rothschild, Executive Director of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation and convince him to put his operation to support Eretz Yisroel and Rabbanim that speak out with clarity regarding Eretz Yisroel and not rely on Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky as his Rabbinic Advisor if he is interested in being metaken the Chait Hamiraglim the source of Tisha Baav.
The number of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation is 845-352-3505

Letter written to Mr. George Klein:


George Klein
Park Tower Realty
499 Park Ave. #27
New York, NY  10022 

Dear Mr. Klein, amv"sh

My name is Mrs. Robin Ticker.  I am writing to you because Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky suggested to a fellow activist by the name of Shmuel Koenig that we contact you.  We are a group of individuals that are activists for the settlement of the entire Israel.

 We understand that your focus is the development of New York and not Eretz Yisroel.   Apparently Rabbi Kamenetsky believes that you are influential in the Republican circles and would have some influence in the sphere of foreign policy.

 This is not an appeal for money or an appeal to use your political connections within the Republican Party.  It is an appeal for something much more than that.  It is an appeal for your heart and soul to do the right thing in whatever capacity you have to help the people of Israel in this time.  We are of the opinion that Rav Kamenetsky is passing the buck.  We are hoping that perhaps you have influence with the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah and somehow convince them that it is really their responsibility to make a Statement regarding our entitlement of Eretz Yisroel based on the Torah.  We believe that this is an ideological war and that only a message of clarity based on Torah can make us worthy of G-d's intervention to save us from our enemies.

Many feel that these times are Pre Nazi Germany.  Every day I get emails upon emails that seem to validate these premonitions. Since I will be in Manhattan today, I will try to stop by your office with printed material that I have received off the internet within the last few days alone. We would like to get this material or similar material to 50 or so religious leaders who do not go on the internet for religious reasons.

From the little research I have done about you it is quite apparent that your time is valuable and are accustomed with associating with others of greater prominence.  I do not have the credentials.  But I do believe that G-d is on our side and that the cause is convincing enough to realize the urgency of the matter so that you will be compelled not to stand idly by.  Please be in contact with me.  I can be reached at

 Shabbat Shalom,


 Robin (Stern) Ticker

2.  Update on Shdema - Women in Green

Some 150 youth for the Land of Israel arrived yesterday Wednesday in Shdema after another day of hiking through the hills of Judea and Samaria in the context of their week long hike from Samaria to Judea.


Tens of residents of the area came to Shdema to welcome the youth and give them food, drinks and chizuk (strength).


Rabbi Yaron Durani, Rabbi of Nokdim and Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe from the "Vaad leHatzalat Ha'Am ve'Haarets" strengthened the youth with divrei Torah.


Attached is a picture of one of the youth hanging two flags on the high water tower in Shdema: the Israeli flag and the orange flag on which it says "The Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel". This orange flag has been produced three years ago by "Women in Green" after the expulsion from GK and NS and handed out by members of Women in Green in all activities connected to the struggle for the Land of Israel.


In addition activists also painted Zionist slogans on the buildings .


This morning the youth will continue their hike from Shdema to Kiryat Arba Hevron.


Reminder: next week, Wednesday August 6th, there will be a fascinating evening in Shdema with speeches (in Hebrew) on the topic  "From destruction to Redemption". Details will be posted soon on email and will be in tomorrows Besheva newspaper.


Below is Nadav Shragai's article about Shdema posted in yesterdays Haarets paper. This article makes it clear how important the struggle for Shdema is and how we must keep up with our continued activities there.


The Comittee for a Jewish Shdema



The struggle for settlement contiguity

By Nadav Shragai


The establishment of the Jewish settlers has joined forces with non-establishment groups to fight the Civil Administration

The Jewish settlements of the eastern part of the Etzion Bloc in the West Bank - unlike the consensual settlements of the western part of the bloc - have not been suffering from an overdose of popularity among Israeli statesmen.

On the map of the permanent status agreement drawn up by negotiating teams in the past, Nokdim, Tekoa, Kfar Elad and Ma'aleh Amos - settlements in which about 3,000 people live - are marked as locations destined to be evacuated. The fact that up until about a year ago the trip from the eastern part of the Etzion Bloc to Jerusalem took about three quarters of an hour, whereas the distance between the western part of the Etzion Bloc and the capital amounts to only a 15-minute trip, only demonstrated the gap between the authorities' attitude toward settlements like Kfar Etzion or Efrat in the western part of the Etzion Bloc, and the step-children to the east of the route of the separation fence.



Then everything changed, or at least this is the feeling among the inhabitants of the eastern part of the bloc. After long years of struggle, the Za'atra Bypass Road was completed, a fast road 10 kilometers long that connects the settlements of the eastern part of the bloc directly to Har Homa in Jerusalem - itself a controversial and relatively new neighborhood beyond the 1967 border.

The road has whittled the trip to Jerusalem down to 15 minutes, and has changed the atmosphere in those settlements from one extreme to another. In Tekoa and Nokdim, it is now impossible to obtain a room to rent, and the prices of building plots have soared by 70 percent.

Jerusalem's new suburbs

Over the last few months, 20 new families have joined Kfar Eldad, where some of the houses were empty, and others have been refused because of lack of space. Suddenly the settlements of the eastern Etzion bloc have discovered that they have become suburbs of Jerusalem, like their siblings to the west.

Now this new reality is ostensibly under threat by the possibility that Shadma, an abandoned military base in Area C which overlooks the new road that connects the eastern part of the bloc to Jerusalem, will be transferred to the Palestinians.

Up until 1967, a Jordanian army base was located at Shadma. Then Israel established military bases of its own, but for the past two years the place has been empty and the settlers' action committees have been waging a fierce battle against the Civil Administration's plan to hand it over to the Palestinians. The latter want to establish there, by means of the Beit Sahur municipality, a neighborhood with a hospital, an amusement park and perhaps also an industrial zone.

The field echelons of the Israel Defense Forces are also opposed to the plan. They fear that the settlements of the eastern part of the bloc will be cut off again. The road, they stress, is less than one kilometer distance from Shadma, in the range of light arms and machine guns.

The struggle has already changed the reality on the ground, to some extent. Nearly every week inhabitants of Har Homa and the Etzion bloc visit the site. They demonstratively ignore the warning sign "Closed Military Zone" that confronts them; they hold picnics, hikes, heritage tours and Torah lessons there, and about two weeks ago they raised an Israeli flag on the water tower.

The struggle for Shadma has engendered unusual cooperation between a Jerusalem neighborhood committee (that of Har Homa, which is overlooked by Shadma) and action committees on behalf of the settlers, between the settlers' establishment (the Etzion bloc regional council and its head Shaul Goldstein) and the anti-establishment action committees headed by Nadia Matar of Women in Green and Arieh and Ditya Yitzhak, and between the leaderships of the eastern and western parts of the bloc, which politicians have often sought to divide.

This struggle has put on the map another point of confrontation between the settlers and the anarchist organizations that are also active at Shadma, in an attempt to ensure that the place will be handed over to the Palestinians.

In Hebron, the encounter between the settlers and the anarchists led to open conflict. Here, everything is still hidden beneath the surface, and only the competing graffiti written by one side and then obliterated by the other, time after time, testifies to the potential for a similar uproar.

At the beginning of this month, a meeting of the Committee for a Jewish Shadma was held at the Gush Etzion community youth, sport and culture center. Shaul Goldstein outlined two stages: the first - prevention of the handover of the place to the Palestinians, and the second - the establishment of a Jewish settlement or outpost on the site.

He noted that Jewish settlement in the Etzion Bloc accounts for only 4 percent of the territory. "Shadma," he asserted, "is part of what is most precious to us."

MK Uri Ariel (National Union-National Religious Party) proposed working vis-a-vis the Defense Ministry, the Central Command and the Shin Bet security service to ensure that they will oppose "the destructive ideas of the Civil Administration."

Har Etzion Yeshiva head Rabbi Yaakov Madan spoke about "daily action, with all our might, in order to succeed in the struggle for the eastern road, which is a struggle for settlement contiguity between Har Homa and the Etzion Bloc."

A distant past

The struggle for Shadma has already engendered the first stirrings of a political lobby, and also a reminder from the distant past: Close to the abandoned military camp, at a place called Beit Betza, traces of the Greek siege on the Hashmoneans have been found. This is where Yehonatan, Shimon and Yohanan fled after the battle in which their brother, Judah Maccabee, was killed.

However, despite the historical connection, the settlers are more interested in the present. Arutz Sheva, the settlers' pirate radio station, reported dramatically a few days ago that "the Israeli flag that was hung on the tall water tower in Shadma is visible from afar, and declares proudly that the place will not be abandoned to the Arab enemy."

The flag is the sign. Shadma is one of the stops on the trans-outpost trip that the outpost youth are holding this week. A happening and a bike ride are planned for the site, and on Wednesday, a marathon of lectures in preparation for the Ninth of Av: from destruction to redemption.


3. Petition for Temple Mount Over 2,000 Signatures.  Pass it on!

go up to Har HaBayit
it is permitted to go up to Har HaBayit
 Igros Moshe Orach Chiam, Chelek 2, Siman 113


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