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5768.10.10addendum Israel Land of My Possession - Additional/revised URGENT ACTION ALERT. TIME SENSITIVE Mattot Arim


10 Tammuz 5768
July 13, 2008


Dear Fellow Jew and Activist, amv"sh,

Please forgive  multiple emails in one day.  I try to minimize it. But when it comes to Pikuach Nefesh,  we must do more than just tolerate these emails to act.  Mattot Arim  have written in their emails that 29 Jews have died so far as a result of releasing terrorists.  This action alert is to prevent  future terror attacks by the hands of known cruel terrorists who are to be released.  If we don't act to stop this ridiculous exchange of live terrrorists with dead body parts, how can we then claim in a predictable terror attack of one of these terrorists that our hands did not share in the shedding of this blood.  What good will "sharing the the pain" of our brethren do at such time.  And frankly how can we be assured that this pain will not directly hit us. Terror attacks have no save havens.  Not our homes and not our  backyards and not our shopping areas. Even Lakewood ,Boro Park and Crown Heights have their share of incidences.   Turning a blind eye to our brother's security danger might evoke Midas Hadin from Heaven. Chas VeChalila!!!!!

Received from Mattot Arim <>,


Folks, we are happy to report that plenty of SMSs reached the Knesset Members to remind them how important it is to get through that important law against using the legal system to harrass political demonstrators. So...please let's stop the SMS's TO THE MK'S now to let the poor Knesset Members get some rest. Now see below -- superurgent - you need to SMS elsewhere.


SUPERURGENT – ON TUESDAY 15 July (this Tue),



On Tuesday (thank you to the Jerusalem Post for finding this out:


 the Government will be voting again to continue the horrific "bodies for Samir Kuntar" deal, which if you saw today's news, has already resulted in Olmert having to promise Abu Mazen to release MORE  terrorists -- so as to be fair to Abu Mazen as well, of course! And the shopping list of terrorists to release is yet long.


From now till Tuesday is your chance to help stop this. If we do not totally succeed this time, we will partially succeed. Remember the calls to destroy terrorists' houses? The first time around everyone said: "Those people are crazy". The second time, Olmert and Jerusalem mayor Lapoliansky fell over one another in their haste to come out and say that terrorists houses have to be destroyed. That happened ONLY because concerned people like you demonstrated, called and faxed the first time around. There is a lesson to be learned here.

received from Mattot Arim


Your SMS, email or fax can be very short:





* SMS to Olmert aides' cellnumbers – 050 621 6677    050 629 8032      050 620  3763

* Email to these addresses (never mind if a few don't work):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


* Best of all is to fax or call ministers' offices direct, click this link for fax and phone numbers:


* If you are very bold, you can call Olmert's senior aides directly -- it is your democratic privilege:


Yanki Galanti, Media Advisor, PM. 02 6705465 cell. 050 621 6677

Oved Yehezkel, Gov't  cabinet  sec'y 02 6705532

Ronen Moshe, Media Advisor, DM 03 697 5750 cell. 050 629 8032

Gil Messing, Media Advisor, FM   02 5303215   cell  050 620  3763



The Shdema committee has received a letter from the Ministry of Defense clarifying that Israel has not yet finalized its decision to transfer Shdema to the Arabs. So... it is clear that the main purpose now is to have constant events in Shdema.  The more Jewish presence, the more chance we have to keep Shdema in Jewish hands and ultimately create a nice new yishuv right there in that strategic location.

Most important now is to make sure we have enough people this coming Monday, July 14th when we plan to go to Shdema for a night of kumsitz, painting the buildings, and singing Eretz Israel songs till early morning.

Even if you can't come for the entire night, make an effort to come at least for the first few hours. If you do not come with your own vehicle, please register for the bus by calling 0505-500834 or 0505-777254 or 0505-246770 or 02-9961292

Transportation will be leaving  from Har Homa in Jerusalem (6:30 pm from the Har Choma police station), 5:30 pm  from Kiryat Arba
6:00 pm  from Gush etzion, 6:10 pm  from Efrat South, 6:20 pm  from  Tekoa. 6:30 pm  we all meet (private cars and buses) at the roundabout before the turn to Nokdim. Bring sleeping bag, food, drink, flashlight, walking shoes, tefillin and siddur

Details: Orly Glauber (Har Choma 054-4286425),  Ruti Wolfish (Tekoa 02-9964956), Nadia Matar (Efrat 0505-500834), Anita Finkelstein (Tekoa 0505-777254), Eli Rodan (Elazar 054-4993529)



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