Friday, January 11, 2008

Re: You are in good company!

In a message dated 1/10/2008 10:55:10 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Robin, you wrote: "The prime consideration for a believing Jew is that the Torah is universal and inclusive and the Torah's message will bring peace and prosperity to mankind."  You obviously do not believe this.  You do not wish to be affiliated with Bob, because of his sexual preferences.  How is this inclusive?
Buddy, amv"sh
I still think you're a very special neshama in spite of my disagreement with you to join with the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem.  The Torah is universal and the Torah objects to that lifestyle.  It's not Bob that's the problem. It's that lifestyle that is not tolerated especially in the Holy Land.  It's not a good lifestyle for Bob or anyone else according to the Torah.  I think that  regarding this lifestyle it's a universal message.
If Bob was simply an activist with a different sexual preference that's none of my business.  He is a human being and imperfect as humans are,  including myself, and I am required to treat him with dignity and respect as one must treat his fellow imperfect human beings.
But Bob is a politician and the way he operates works fine for politics. He is focused on an objective and will unite on that objective.  In this case the objective is to unite against the establishment of a State of Palestine.  A very worthwhile objective.
The main problem as I see it is that  Bob and us have different objectives.  Our objective is the Torah.   Under that objective is Jewish sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel as the Torah states so that the people of Israel will observe the commandments of the Torah in the Land of Israel.
Therefore,  many including myself, feel that the Jewish People can not be under the umbrella of the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem unless the Coalition to Defend Jerusalem is under the Torah umbrella    Can't you see why someone like myself is resisting to join with someone like Bob Kunst who is constantly working to put me within his umbrella, while I am working to put him in our umbrella.  It's just not going to work.  If he is under our umbrella, he has to acknowledge that his lifestyle is contrary to Torah.  If I am under his umbrella, I must be tolerant of everyone's ideology and behavior. Even if politically, he can bring in lots of people and raise lots of money from individuals or groups that wish to support Shalom International Missionaries for instance, we reject them and don't want to accept that money  or their ideology.  There is only One G-d.  That is what's tolerated in the Land of Israel. 
Torah is not equivalent to democracy. We don't want money donated by Gay Pride organizations since we reject the lifestyle especially in Jerusalem. 
Our main objective is Torah.  Ki Mitzion Tezei Torah.  From Zion comes forth Torah. Even if we would succeed to achieve success in our secondary objective which is to oppose a State of Palestine,for us it is irrelevant, unless we remain true to our main objective.
 This is the point which has been difficult for you to understand.
Buddy, you need to make a choice.  Choose Torah and you choose life. As Bush says we must make some hard choices. By doing so you are not rejecting Bob as a friend. That is not your intention.  It's a choice for Torah, and nothing personal against any human being.
Gennady, I will G-d willing respond to your email as well.

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