Monday, January 14, 2008

7 girls incarcerated - their modesty hurt, please send letters of outrage.

To: Public Security Minister Avi Dichter
and Knesset Child Welfare Committee Chairperson Shelly Yechimovitch.
Baruch Matir Asurim.  Hosheva Shofteinu Kavarishona, Veyoatzeinu Kevatchila.... (Shemoneh Esreh the 18 blessings)
The girls have asked that it be publicized that their modesty has been hurt in jail. Professor Hillel Weiss, representing the modern forum of Rabbis
calling itself the Sanhedrin, was allowed to visit the girls on
Thursday in his capacity as a lawyer, and later released the
following announcement: "At the end of my visit with the girls, one
of them asked me to publicize, in the name of all of them, that their
modesty had been hurt in jail.  The Jewish public will not forget and
will not forgive how the Jewish regime has harassed girls considered
minors by its own laws."
My comments:
These macho guys who are responsible for this travesty want to show that they are the boss and stronger than a bunch of girls. These macho guys want to show the girls that there is no G-d that is taking care of them.  These macho guys know nothing about justice.  They are a bunch of cowardly creeps.  And they think this will teach the girls a lesson.  Now the girls will really know that their justice system is truly the best one!  Initimidation is their way!  Bullying is how they conduct law.  Justice, shmutzdice.
The only reason these macho guys are getting away with it is because the impotent people in the gov't are in bed with the justice dept and are letting them get away with it.  There is no checks and balances to speak of. There is no assigned agency that monitors these creeps. So they feel that they are all powerful. Clearly more powerful than the Creator.  They are above the Law. 
If anything happens or has happened to these girls chas vechalila, then these girls have clearly shown how despicable the justice system is devoid of any semblance of true justice.  But at what price!!!.  I have full confidence truth, justice and righteousness will prevail since we do have a just G-d.
Titus profaned the Holy of Holies by doing a despicable act and bragged that he must be very great since he survived it.  Then the smallest of insects drove him absolutely crazy by entering his nostrils and slowly destroyed his brain.  His Gaava, conceit, which is reflected in the nose (the expression stuck up nose etc) was his downfall.
I hope that these girls who are true heroines fighting for truth and justice are speedily released unharmed and that those responsible for this travesty of justice have their names publicized be put to shame and brought to justice in a truly just court of law!
Please visit.
Rabbis to Call Day of Fasting if Young Girls are not Freed

by Hillel Fendel

5 Shevat 5768, January 12, '08

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