Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ir Emunah - Socialism or Shemittah?


It is my belief that the kibbutz lifestyle, the lifestyle that allows growth from almost nothing, the lifestyle that built up Eretz Yisroel after the Holocaust has its roots from the Torah, from the Shemittah year. Shemittah predates socialism. It is no wonder that Karl Marx was a Jew. Capitalism also has its roots from the Torah. The Torah economic and political model is a union of Socialism and Capitalism.

Stay tuned for an elaboration.

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Robin said...


I believe your assessment of the gov't is accurate. It is as negative as you paint it.

What can we do?

May I suggest the following items.

1. Publicly declare that Eretz Yisroel in an inheritance to our forefathers and to us and is repeated again and again in the Torah.

2. Recognize that our right to the Land in a function on fulfilling the Mitzvoth as specified in the Torah.

3. List the Mitzvoth mentioned in the Torah that we are required to do in the Land where the Torah is explicit about the blessings as well as possible curses such as loss of sovereignty.

4. Evaluate our performance of such Mitzvoth.

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