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Talking points to Rabbonim - Addressing Chilul Hashem in Todays World


אל המקום אשר...

When there is a Chillul Hashem by definition there is a void, from the word Chalal, an empty space where Hashem's presence is not found. That void is often filled with a presence that is not G-dly. When we do not address the Chillul Hashem then we allow the unholy occupier of that space to occupy the space and stay there.

Am Yisroel has a G-dly mission to be a ממלכת כהנים וגוי קדוש.

We are to be the Light unto the Nations to bring Malchut Shamayim down into this world so that the world is infused with Hashem's presence.

This happens when the אומות העולם, the inhabitants of the world keep the Noahide laws and Am Yisroel is engaged in practicing the 613 Mitzvoth of the Torah.

Isn't it on our watch when G-d's Laws for humanity are being trampled upon, and defiantly replaced with values that can not coexist with G-d's Torah for humanity? Isn't it on our shoulders and then are we held accountable as G-d's Chosen people?

A Kohen Gadol physically wears precious shoulder gems and a breastplate with precious gems with the names of the Tribes of Israel inscribed. He is held accountable for their collective sins. Isn't it for this reason that someone who kills by accident is told to escape to an Arei Miklat, a city of refuge, and is released only when the Kohen Gadol passes away?

When indivuduals of Am Yisroel sin even accidentally, it is on the watch of the Kohen Gadol and when they escape to the city of refuge for their own safety, the mother of the Cohen Gadol distributes goodies so that those in the city of refuge don't pray for her son's premature death.

Doesn't this concept of being held accountable for those on our watch apply to the Nation of Israel for when the Nations of the World sin?! When the World is decadent and corrupt and replaces G-dly lifestyles with foreign G-d's and foreign values, how can that coexist in a G-dly universe?

Isn't such uncorrected evil then is the root cause of anti-Semitism which literally translates, against G-d's name? Anti Shem!

Here are some overt examples of today's society defying the 7 Noahide laws.

How can we be passive, silent and complicit without fearing that one day we will be the ones held accountable for the sins of the world for not trying our hardest to rectify the situation with education, prayer and deed.

I hear the modus operandi for our people to lay low, be submissive and under the radar. For thousands of years Jews have kept Judaism alive by insulating themselves and keeping themselves separate and Holy. This has sustained us in Galus. That is the argument not to get involved in correcting the behavior of the Goyim.

Tikkun Olam is the battle cry of the secular Jew. Let's be a Light unto the Nations. However, the price was often too steep. Our interaction with society caused assimilation and we lost our Holy identity in the process.

Now in Messianic Times isn't the time ripe to actualize our raison detres, our purpose on this planet, by reconciling being a Kingdom of Priests, a Light unto the Nations, yet maintaining a separate Holy standard only meant for the Chosen people?

The Kohanim and Leviyim have a distinct elevated standard of Holiness that is not meant for the entire Nation of Israel. But there is no jealousy nor hate against them. Quite the opposite. They are given presents and held in the highest esteem and appreciation for their lofty status as teachers and role models.

So too isn't the ideal relationship between the Nation of Israel and nonJews be as between a Kohen and an Israelite? When we the Nation of Israel succeed to care and educate and set the example for a higher moral G-dly standard, and conduct, shouldnt anti Semitism dissipate only to be replaced with great admiration and respect for the Jewish people?

As spiritual leaders and communal leaders of the Jewish people, please lead our nation to be leaders and shepherds of the world. Let us, the Nation of Israel, be the guiding light and teach G-d's Laws of right and wrong and lead this world with G-d's Own Attributes of Righteousness and Justice, Truth, Kindness and Compassion.

May Anti Semitism dissipate and in its place may the world be filled with Knowledge of Hashem and Awe of the Creator of the universe and His Laws. Peace and Prosperity will Reign and G-d will be recognized as the Fair, Benevolent and Righteous King of humanity.

How can we be complicit with an overt war against G-d's Master Plan? Rather, can we be proactive and attempt to bring G-dliness to replace the imposters of unG-dliness?

Examples of the Chillul Hashem infiltrating our society:

- Drag Queen Story hour in public libraries for kids 3-5
- Legalization of late term abortions,
- legalization of same sex marriage,
- Encouraging gay pride,
- Legislating bail reform law that allows violent criminals back on the streets,
- Legalization of same sex couple adopting children which is an opening for pedophelia,
- Firing employees for refusing to get vaccinated thereby stealing their Parnossa, source of livelihood,
- Trying via an Executive order to put through a regulation to quarantine anyone with no due process (kidnapping)

and the list goes on of being complicit and silent when the 7 Noahide Laws are blatantly trampled on.

Wasn't there some justification for Shimon and Levy killing Anshei Shchem simply for not being outspoken and complicit when the rape of Dina happened?

Let it be on record that we as a people did raise awareness and did educate society in which we live, with the spirit of G-dliness and did not remain silent when depravity and decadence and criminality was codified into law within our society in which we dwelled and was part of.


7 Noahide laws and Concrete Examples of an Evil Agenda to Replace G-d's Laws with G-dless Alternatives.

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Friday, November 04, 2022

7 Noahide laws and Concrete Examples of an Evil Agenda to Replace G-d's Laws with G-dless Alternatives.

אל המקום אשר....

The Democrat Party, the governing party of the USA is the first example brought down but it is just one example of a much greater global evil.

The US Democratic Party is not a legitimate political party as its platform and Agenda items brazenly and openly rejects the 7 Noahide Laws. America was founded, as stipulated in the Declaration of Independence, as "One Nation Under G-d".

The Republican Party and other organizations, media, Jewish and non Jewish, Orthodox or non Orthodox, political and non political, be it a food coop or a chesed organization have been infiltrated as well, to actively or passively, overtly or subtly encourage the violation and or irrelevance of one or more of the 7 Noahide Laws.

Often it is very subtle and trusted individuals and organizations or media have been used and bribed and brainwashed and if that doesn't work, threatened to comply, in order to remain silent when the powers who are behind the scenes have an anti G-d agenda.

Concrete current events examples to undermine the 7 Noahide Laws:

Not to worship idols: They worship a subjective definition of values rather than objective moral values passed down for thousands of generations aka the 7 Noahide Laws).

Not to curse G-d: They want to remove G-d from the narrative and punish those who choose G-d over their self defined self righteous morality and definition of what is right or wrong. They are pushing an anti G-d curriculum in public schools and are serious about pushing it into Yeshiva education to replace traditional Torah education. Their curriculum is "The enlightenment" of our times.

To Establish Courts of Justice of Truth and Righteousness: They have established kangaroo courts like the Democrat House Judiciary which is corrupt and votes on party line rather than on evidence or facts.  Courts in Blue States have legislated bail reform laws that are reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah. Laws are legislated to release violent criminals into the streets again and again even when police are doing their jobs and catching criminals in action. Even the Supreme Court of America and State Supreme courts seem compromised. How come election fraud and voter integrity, the cornerstone of democracy has never been investigated? The voters believe that their vote has or can be stolen and the courts refuse to address it. The American people deserve better 

Murder: Legalizing late term abortions. Pushing CDC recommendations for vaccines on babies, little children and grownups. This is the case in spite of enough evidence and peer reviewed studies that show the death rate has increased since the roll out of vaccines and the birth rate has significantly declined. More people are harmed or dying from vaccines than protected. There is suppression of life saving treatments and suppression and decertification of legitimate doctors and delegitimization of independent, unbiased peer review studies who raise awareness as per the dangers of the Covid shot. They are accused and prosecuted and punished for disinformation from biased and compromised social media platforms . There is a real undeniable conflict of interest and collaboration between the FDA and CDC who are supposedly the government "regulatory agencies" and big Pharma..

Immorality. Pushing LGBTQ Pride and promoting gender fluidity as opposed to the Biblical Given that G-d created human beings as male and female. In California children can have surgery to change their gender and be sterilized without parental consent. Legalizing same sex marriage and legalizing adoption of same sex marriage partners happened under Republican complicit support. This is a gateway for Pedophelia.

Stealing. Taking from those who have and giving it to have nots, looking the other way with no consequences as Black Lives Matters protests and the progressive left vandalize and loot. It is even legal now in certain States to shoplift up to a certain amount. Using legislation to make stealing legal. Destroying small businesses because of Covid regulations and firing employees who refused to comply to the Covid mandates is taking away their means of a livelihood. This is the worst kind of stealing. In Not for Profit PSFC Park Slope Food Coop, non vaccinated are not permitted to work thus depriving them of affordable food. In NY State Governor Hochul attempted to push regulations to place anyone into quarantine camps or isolation based on the determination of the "Dept of Health" and deny individuals due process and basic civil rights. This is akin to kidnapping as is the practice in tyrannical societies throughout the world.

Tearing a Limb from an animal  (dismemberment abortion).  The vaccine itself is from aborted fetal tissue and it has been revealed it was taken while the fetus was still alive. This horrific information however was purposefully suppressed. Planned Parenthood is involved with the profitable business of selling body parts which includes organs from live fetuses. Planned Parenthood was brilliantly defended by Hakeem Jeffries a popular Democrat politician Congressman in committee hearings of the Congress.

The Depopulation agenda of evil global forces is in direct contradiction of the Torah Commandment to the world to be fruitful and multiply to spread G-dliness into this world.


In G-d’s Army There’s Only Truth is one of the few newsletters reporting the truth on Covid-19, the vaccines, and the associated global madness with an eye to what G-d wants from us. Brucha Weisberger

Visit and enroll at who has a class on the 7 Noahide Laws based on a book written by Rabbi Yonaton Shteif z"l in 1933 call Mitzvos Hashem.

Serious issue - Yeshiva Education Lawsuit

Fw: Torture Has No Place in Israel, or Anywhere re: Amiram ben Uliel by Chananya Weissman

On Nov 3, 2022, 5:52 AM, Chananya Weissman <> wrote:
I was a guest once again on the Glazov Gang and spoke about torture, specifically the horrifying case of Amiram Ben Uliel.  This is an issue that the stooges in our government ignored during the election theatre, which tells you all you need to know.  If there is going to be real justice and real change, the catalyst needs to be us.

The video is available Please watch and share.  You can also read more about the case and

There needs to be an international outcry and extreme pressure to free Amiram Ben Uliel, end torture, and punish everyone involved with this sadism.  If Amiram Ben Uliel were tortured and imprisoned like this by any other country, the Jews would rally to have him freed.  The sham of a Jewish state shouldn't get a free pass. Pm

Shame on everyone who obsesses over the latest round of government musical chairs, who deludes himself that the latest configuration of Erev Rav will bring us to the promised land any more than the previous configurations did, while the state routinely tortures and even murders dissenters with the blessing of the Sodomite courts. 

Seriously, if we spend more time talking about Ben Gvir than Ben Uliel, what good are we?

If we lived in a better world, 100,000 people would march into the prison, politely ask the guards to step aside, and take him home themselves. 

Hundreds of thousands of people drop everything to attend funerals of prominent rabbis.  Why can we organize for the sake of the dead, but not for the sake of the living?  I'm all in favor of showing honor for the Torah and sanctifying Hashem's name, but whether 5000 or 500,000 people show up for a funeral, it doesn't change anything; the rabbi will still be dead.

If the Jewish people mobilized to save Amiram and end these atrocities, it would be more meaningful than attending a thousand funerals.  It would be something for us to really be proud of, and maybe even get Moshiach's attention. Oh

After all, those who strive to redeem others deserve to be redeemed as well.