Sunday, August 09, 2020

Call Agudah And OU Campaign to Discredit Democrat Party


אל המקום אשר...

Updated Dec. 5, 2020

The evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming.
Imagine the domino effect of G-d fearing Americans if Chaim Deutsch, Kalman Yeger, Simcha Eichenstein and Simcha Felder defected the Democrat Party en masse and our Spiritual and Community Leaders called on all G-d fearing Americans to deregister, denounce, disqualify and defect from the unG-dly treasonous Democratic fake and illegitimate "party".

I hear you saying but these religious organizations are non for profits. They can lose their 501c status.

My reaction to this argument:
It's about Cuomo  suppressing free speech and freedom of religion. That is why we davka, especially need to speak out.

A statement rejecting the values of this party is not a political statement it's a religious statement. The values of this great Nation and the Constitution are founded and are a reflection of G-dly values since time immemorial. The platform and values of the Democrats reject the 7 Noahide Laws. It is not political nor should it be illegal to reject  the morality and values of this "party" when they dare to reject G-d's laws as we declare "We are One Nation Under G-d Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all". 

Updated November 15, 2020

Why did these Organizations rush to congratulate Biden knowing that this election had blatant irregularities not at all surprising coming from a Party that is unG-dly?

Would they congratulate someone on their new car if they suspected it was stolen? Wouldn't that just serve to reinforce criminal behavior!  

Time to discredit, denounce and disqualify the Democrats!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Please call these Orthodox Jewish mainstream organizations and ask what steps they are taking to discourage the Orthodox Jewish Community from registering with the treasonous, unG-dly Democratic Party.
(And ask them why Biden was congratulated prematurely before it was called by the electoral college?  

Let me suggest that in a Heavenly Court the NATURAL CONSEQUENCE of passivity and being delinquent in invoking justice and morality, will foster lawlessness in that society. 

It is not merely punishment but rather a natural consequence. 
 updated Nov 15,2020)


Agudath Israel 

National NY




New England



South West

West Coast



Yeshiva Services

OU Orthodox Union of America


OU Washington DC

OU Jerusalem



If they receive phone calls from all kinds of people it will make a difference since they don't want to lose respect from the grass roots...The Democrat Party and Governance under the current leadership of Pelosi and Schumer etc is unG-dly and treasonous. 

We see clearly that NY and other Blue States  are more dangerous than ever with a huge increase of crime and lawlessness . Policies like defunding the police have taken a toll.

Like the Generation of the Flood and Sodom and Gemorra, the Democrats have introduced legislation to protect criminals and immorality. The Democrats wish to indoctrinate a progressive left curriculum. They have succeeded in  destroying business  in NY and blue States  and their platform and "values"  embrace immorality and openly rejects the 7 Noahide Laws, laws of Basic Universal Morality. Their cancel culture prove they are un American with a modified DNA so that they look legitimate but they aren't. 

Mainstream Jewish Organizations have been too humble to mobilize the people, and continue to remain silent. We encourage a change! Time to lead  by making a statement. 

If Rabbis begin to get counter pressure from grass roots, from people like us asking, pleading them to encourage everyone to leave the Democratic Party it will make a huge difference. So contact them yourself and encourage your Rabbi or clergyman to contact these organizations, the voice of Orthodox Jewry to take a loud and strong stand!!!


Renanah Gemeiner said...

You are the model of a righteous person who DOES speak out and stand against evil. Thank you for your moral strength. The more we stay quiet in the face of evil, the weaker we become.

Robin Ticker said...

Bsd Thanks Renanah! It takes one to know one!

Every Jew can be righteous!ועמך כולם צדיקים!

Democrats must be disqualified as a Legitimate American Party. They deceitfully destroy Democracy. They are controlled by individuals and groups and $ coming from enemies of G-dliness. They will infiltrated and buy off his legal team and inner circle. Nothing is sacred. Grass roots must denounce and defeat them.