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פיטורי המרצה ד"ר גולדבלום שאיים לא להכניס סטודנטים לכיתה שלו Fire Professor Goldbloom of Hebrew University


To Whom It May Concern:

To:  Hebrew University
CC: Im Tirzu
BCC: Media, Zionist Organizations, Israel Activists

Re: Professor Goldblum of Hebrew University  who threatened to personally try to prevent those who identify with  Im Tirzu from advanced studies and not to allow any such student into his class and threatened to call the campus police if they attempted to enter his classroom.

Im Tirzu is  pro Zionist Nationalist Organization that fights BDS and Anti Zionist, anti IDF propaganda

Prof. Goldblum will surely demand  the right of freedom of speech to spew a leftist progressive narrative based on lies and falsehoods to naive students who will believe what they are taught  from their "professors". Surely, he doesn't want any "disruptive" students who he calls Nazi dogs. It is not surprising he will do whatever it takes to suppress and destroy the advancement of those that threaten to expose his propaganda by knowing and expressing the facts!

 I doubt he and others like him, will give them equal time to debate his expertise. He is the professor after all.

This modus operandi  is typical of the supporters of BDS and antiSemitic rhetoric and you find them across America. Ask Alan Dershowitz who was their biggest defender of their 1st Amendment  right of freedom of expression... But he too was then suppressed and he couldn't speak on campus without getting attacked and if I am not mistaken needed body guards..

Those like Professor Goldblum  will show no Hakorat HaTov, no gratitude to those employing them, granting them the privilege of teaching in a prestigious Israeli  University ...and one day  after being useful idiots the snakes will turn on those in the University  who defended their right to teach anti Zionist propaganda since the Defense of Freedom of Speech was never mutual and one sided only for their benefit.

Hebrew University will have lost my respect and the respect of many others as a University if they allow such outrageous behavior of such a professor to go unchecked!

Don't we have enough of this one sided false anti Zionist propaganda in the 22 or so Muslim countries that surround Israel not to mention in the Arab neighborhoods in Israel whose education in UNRWA schools to their students is "Intifada, Intifada, From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free' and Glorify the Jihadists!!!!

Case in point:

In Park Slope Food Coop PSFC, Brooklyn NY a group of Zionist members protested a BDS film at a General meeting depicting IDF soldiers as War criminals. They were escorted and suspended from the Food Coop for their "disruptive behavior" as per the decision of the Park Slope  Food Coop's disciplinary committee!

Were these 4 members along with other attendees  disruptive when the presenters started the BDS film? 

Perhaps...for a good reason. 

The  majority of attendees at the typical meeting are focused on  eating organic healthy food and were clueless about the conflict in the Middle East. Here they were getting a biased one sided propaganda film accusing Israel of War crimes for the purpose of convincing the Park Slope Food Coop to boycott Israeli products. 

 Did the Park Slope  Food Coop ever give equal time on something actually related and allow someone from Judea and Samaria,  for example, representing the farmers from Itamar to speak on a topic of interest to the Food Coop? Would they have allowed a talk on cutting edge research re: organic farming and about energy derived from manure of cows taking place in Itamar in Judea and Samaria?  

Did PSFC ever have any articles in the LinesWaiter Gazette, the newspaper of the PSFC about Israel Drip Technology and all about cutting technology developed in Israel of growing bug free lettuce without the use of insecticides?

Of course not. It was all suppressed. (Please prove me wrong)

They allow themselves the right to control the narrative  and spread poisonous false slander against our people. Now they are going a step further and are trying to make the campus Judenrein of staunch Nationalist Zionists!

Isn't this a terrible shame for this to  be happening in Israel?

Where is the funding of Hebrew University coming from?

Please locate the source of the blood money and cut it off.

Fire the professor. He deserves no platform!

Review the bias of all your professors... this time one of them took it one step to far. People are beginning to yell "I'm mad as Hell and I won't take it anymore!"

Why should the Hebrew University be known as an AntiSemitic, anti Zionist  University with a threatening environment for Nationalist Zionist Jewish students? 

Only Arabs have rights?

A translated article  by Yishai Friedman in the Makor Rishon: original follows

A senior lecturer at the Hebrew University, Prof. Amiram Goldblum, a member of the public administration of the New Israel Fund, recently wrote that he would block students affiliated with Im Tirtzu from being accepted to advanced academic studies and even threatened to remove them from his class.

 Prof. Goldblum wrote that the Movement  Im Tirtzu are "Nazi dogs" and will ensure that the students affiliated with this movement are not accepted for advanced studies.

"But from now on I promise - All the scum of Im Tirzu on the campuses where I circulate, I will publicize - as much as possible their names - so that the teachers will know who should not be allowed to take advanced studies."
University students who identify  with Im Tirtzu were shocked to learn that there is a lecturer who says that they will be prevented from applying for advanced studies. "It's outrageous that a lecturer at the Hebrew University dares to decide on his own that he will not admit students to his class because of their personal opinion and social affiliation, even though the students pay good money and time to study at the university," said Yuval Brami, Im Tirtzu's Hebrew coordinator. The fact is that the University does not see fit to deal with the issue at all. "
In a reality where lecturers are terrifying  students and decide not to allow them to attend their lectures because they think differently from the lecturer, is reminiscent of dark regimes and does not suit the State of Israel. It is the absolute right of every student to express his support for the State of Israel, for the IDF soldiers and for the soul of this country.

 The Hebrew University's response  that "we are not responsible for the statements of lecturers and it is not our duty to deal with them" is a disgrace.

We demand: a public apology to Im Tirtzu activists and the dismissal of the threatening and discriminating lecturer!

מרצה בכיר באוניברסיטה העברית ושמו פרופ' עמירם גולדבלום, חבר ההנהלה הציבורית של הקרן לישראל חדשה, כתב לאחרונה כי יפעל לחסום סטודנטים המזוהים עם תנועת "אם תרצו" מלהתקבל ללימודים אקדמאיים מתקדמים ואף איים להוציא אותם מהשיעור.
פרופ' גולדבלום כתב בין השאר כי תנועת "אם תרצו" הם "כלבים נאצים", והוא ידאג לכך שהסטודנטים המזוהים עם תנועה זו לא יתקבלו ללימודים מתקדמים.
"אבל מעכשיו אני מתחייב – אצלם כל חלאה של אם תרצו בקמפוסים שבהם אני מסתובב ואפרסם – ככל האפשר עם שמות. שהמורים יידעו את מי אסור לקבל ללימודים מתקדמים".
סטודנטים באוניברסיטה המזוהים עם "אם תרצו" נדהמו לגלות כי ישנו מרצה המצהיר כי ימנע מהם להתקבל ללימודים מתקדמים. "זה מקומם שמרצה באוניברסיטה העברית מעז להחליט על דעת עצמו שלא יכניס סטודנטים לכיתתו, בשל דעתם האישית והשתייכותם החברתית, הגם שהסטודנטים משלמים ממיטב כספם וזמנם כדי ללמוד באוניברסיטה", אמרה לנו יובל ברמי, רכזת "אם תרצו" בעברית, שהוסיפה: "מה שיותר חמור הוא התעלמות האוניברסיטה שלא רואה לנכון בכלל לעסוק בנושא".
במציאות בה מרצים מהלכים אימים על סטודנטים וקובעים כי לא יכנסו להרצאותיהם ולו מפני שהם חושבים אחרת מן המרצה, מזכירה משטרים אפלים ואינה מתאימה למדינת ישראל. זכותו המוחלטת של כל סטודנט להביע תמיכה במדינת ישראל, בחיילי צה"ל ובנשמת אפה של המדינה הזו. חרפה שמישהו בכלל חולק על כך.
* תגובת האוניברסיטה העברית כי "איננו אחראים להתבטאויות של מרצים ואין זה מתפקידנו לטפל בהן" היא בושה וחרפה.
אנו דורשים: התנצלות פומבית בפני פעילי אם תרצו ופיטורי המרצה המאיים והמפלה!
Contact תנועת אם תרצו אגף משימות

שלום, לאור המקרה החמור שפורסם על האוניברסיטה העברית, האם תפעלו לפרסום התנצלות רשמית בפני פעילי אם תרצו ולפיטורי המרצה שאיים לא להכניס סטודנטים לכיתה שלו?
אין מקום להתנהגות שכזו נגד סטודנטים. זו בושה לאוניברסיטה ולאקדמיה היש s

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