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On the Steps of City Hall, Thursday Nov. 18, 2010, Two separate but related Press Conferences - 1. no Mosque at Ground Zero, 2. No body scanners from TSA


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Today I attended 2 Press Conferences on the Steps of City Hall.  They were separate events and it was almost accidental that I stayed for both Press Conferences.  I had intended just to attend the first Press Conference and didn't even know about the 2nd one. (but I believe in Hashgacha Pratis, Divine Providence, and that nothing is coincidental)

The first Press Conference was organized by ACT for AMERICA representing Families of Victims from 9/11.It was extremely moving.  They presented a petition  to  Mayor Bloomberg's Office of over 120,000 signatures against building the Mosque at Ground Zero..  Very Nice Slide Show embedded in post.

Many, including myself were teary eyed when Rosaleen Tallon was introduced and spoke.  A soft spoken woman, mother and Professor with PHD spoke about her brother Sean a firefighter who perished on that very tragic day.  My impression of this group was that they are so authentic and knew the meaning of self sacrifice.  It was hard to conceal the  pain still so raw on their faces almost 10 years later.  They were so dignified,  professional and articulate. I immediately sensed a kinship with them and their  pain since I was familiar with such  pain and suffering.  It is the pain shared with my fellow brothers and sisters in the Land of Israel after similar barbaric terror attacks.  I sensed that indeed they must  feel a sense of loneliness and isolation in America  with most Americans not relating,  never having intimately experienced such emotional pain of this sort. 

After this Press Conference I spotted David Greenfield,   Councilman of Boro Park Brooklyn on the steps of City Hall. Having recognized him from his campaign and his involvement with my community, I went over to talk to him the current events the upcoming vote by the Cabinet in Israel and about the importance of lobbying  Knesset  cabinet members to vote against the Freeze in Judea and Samaria.    He was polite but told me that he was about to start a Press Conference and that  his involvement was primarily local politics. 

I was curious to hear what his Press Conference was about so I hung around.  Shortly he started his Press Conference.  The topic is summed up in this link  Lawmakers Move to Eject Nude Scanners From New York Airports  and legislation he is introducing against placing such scanners in our airports. . ( Before going on the link, please be aware that the image on this post is  for mature audiences only.). The Councilmen talked about the deals that were pushed by vendors who  were more interested in pushing their product (these body scanners) then in protecting American;s security, the ineffective security it provided and the possible dangers of radiation. Anyway, as I was  listening to him and others talk against these "security scanners" I got an email on my blackberry from ACT Brigette Gabrielle. .

 I was in shock because the contents of this email was entirely related to this 2nd Press Conference and not the !st Conference.  As far as I could tell, these two Press Conferences were totally independent and nonrelated and none of the ACT People seemed to hang around for this 2nd Press Conference as I had. Furthermore, the contents of this email was so supportive of Congressmen's Greenfields agenda that it had documentation that I felt would be very helpful to him for this Press Conference. Please visit the link from World Net Daily.

Expert: TSA scans would let al-Qaida duplicate 9/11 Brigitte Gabriel warns unless U.S. starts profiling, nation is vulnerable

I tried to catch the Councilman's attention when others spoke in order to show him my blackberry and the contents of this email and naturally he motioned to me that it was not the time.  I could almost hear his thoughts about how annoyingly my interruption was and what terrible timing and bad social cues I had to show him an email that he assumed was totally unrelated in the middle of a Press Conference.

In fact this email  from ACT answered precisely one of the questions one the reporters  as to when these scanners would be ineffective in exposing security breaches.  Ms Gabrielle offers clear examples of how explosives could be smuggled in totally undetected and suggested profiling and personal questioning, Israeli style,  coupled with technology to effectively protect the passengers. 

These clearly non coincidental happenings proved to me that my initial remarks to Councilman Greenfield regarding the Knesset Vote was totally on track and was related to local politics. Because what is good for Israel is good for New York City and what is bad for Israel is also bad for New York. City.   A safe and protected Israel means a safe and protected New York. 

It was a humbling moment, a message from above and one that needs to be shared.

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This email  is L'Ilui Nishmat  Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch. 
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