Sunday, April 12, 2009

V'Hi Sheamda - Yaakov Shweky and Yonatan Raziel in Concert - Fwd: שוואקי ויונתן רזאל 'והיא שעמדה' | מופע קיסריה -- פשוט גדול וחזק מרגש


Dear Friends and Family, amv"sh

Moadim LeSimcha -  A Guten Moed!

The video you are about to watch stars Yaakov Shweky & Yonatan Raziel and the piece they are singing from the Haggadah of Pesach is  "V'hi Shehamda".!201876.wmv

(Thank you IZZY KAPLAN for forwarding. Check out his new blog

and a video of concern...

Obama bowing to Saudi King
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