Monday, October 17, 2005

Shemittah and this blog


This blog is dedicated to learning more about what Shemittah is all about in our time. Shemittah and Eretz Yisroel are so intertwined that one can not separate one from the other. The Shemittah year is basically one that can be best described as a socialist commune. All agriculture produce is collectively owned. Actually, it is owned by our Creater who commands us to share it. All debts are to be concelled at the end of the year thereby cancelling any feeling of ownership. The idea of Shemittah which is synonomous with the number 7 and Shabbat all point to the Creator of the World as the ultimate King. We, the Nation of Israel are His loyal subjects. Many posts here relate to how tragic recent events have given way to a Shemittah like lifestyle. There are posts referring to the importance of keeping the Commandments, Shemittah included, which gives us the right to the Land of Israel. Shemittah, like learning Torah, like Shabbat is basically a Mitzvah that is Keneged (equal) to all the other Mitzvoth. It is Shemittah and Shabbat that gives us a better understanding of the importance of keeping all the Mitzvoth of the Torah
Please read all the posts including the original posts written in September if you wish to hear a very personal yet powerful experience regarding the Shemittah year in recent years that is unlike the typical Shemittah current experience which includes Pruzbul and Heter Mechirah and buying produce from non Jewish sources.
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