Friday, July 25, 2008

5768.10.22 Israel the Land of My Possession


22 Tamuz 5768
Friday, July 25, 2008

1.Abbas threatens to end police deployments
2. Mismmeret Yesha
3. 1900 People Signed Petition for  going up to Temple Mount
4. Teshuva Rav Moshe Feinstein allows going up on Har Habayit. Reference
5. Halamish Brothers Update

1.Abbas threatens to end police deployments
Received by Rafi Rabinowitz

They say there was once a sadist who met a masochist.  The masochist ask the sadist to please make him suffer. The sadist look at him seriously, and with a cruel tone answered: "No way".  Then he begun to laugh...

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Abbas threatens to end police deployments

Published: 07/22/2008

Mahmoud Abbas threatened to end the deployment of Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank.

The P.A. president, who has instituted a law-and-order drive in the West Bank since shunning Hamas last year and reviving peace talks with Israel, voiced umbrage Tuesday at Israeli counterterrorist raids in areas that are formally under his control.

"We are going to tell the Israelis the day after tomorrow that if the incursions and the aggression and the insults to the Palestinian police continue, we will withdraw these forces," Abbas told members of his Fatah faction, according to aides.

He was referring to a scheduled meeting Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Olmert's office declined to comment on Abbas' threat, only reiterating that the West Bank operations by Israel are carried out to prevent terrorist attacks that could stymie the U.S.-sponsored negotiations on the creation of a peaceful Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state.

Privately, Israeli officials have frequently complained that Abbas' forces are not tough enough on Hamas and other armed factions in the West Bank.

2. Mishmeret Yesha
Dear Israel Supporters,

We have created a group that chronicles daily terrorist attacks on
Israeli citizens, reported by the citizens. It focuses on hands-on
measures to defend Israelis and Israel's land.

Join today, post your report in the language you are most comfortable with.

This group is strictly concerned with Israel's sovereignty through
organizing self-defense, land and property reclamation.

99% of terror attacks on Israeli soil gets unreported because there were
no casualties, yet this is daily reality in Israel.

Did you know that there hundreds of anti-Israel Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs) from all over the world, as well as a number of
foreign governments operating in the heart of Israel?

Did you know that they have recently changed their tactics?

Today they have abandoned the accusation of Israel being an 'occupying
force' since it would only entitle them to the lands liberated by the
IDF in 1967. Their newest strategy involves bringing thousands of
anti-Israel attorneys, social/case workers, and so-called observers in
order to manufacture legal cases and false eyewitness reports of what
they call the 'human rights abuses' with the intent to use this
'evidence' to prove that Israel is an "Apartheid State" with an ultimate
goal to de-legitimize it's entire existence.

In their disposal are all major news agencies (such as Reuters, for
instance) that spread lies about Israelis into the mainstream media.

The Mishmeret Yesha group intends to show the truth about the day-to-day
life in the land of Israel and expose the thieves and terrorists for who
they really are through eyewitness reports, photos, facts.

Briefly about us:

43 minute interview with Director of Oprerations

Original MY video (15 min) and more training footage


MISHMERET YESHA is a grassroots activist umbrella organization, a
division of 24GUARDS (KADAM) — The Movement for Jewish Sovereignty in
MISHMERET YESHA consists of several groups, programs and projects that
protect, further and improve the lives of Jews in Israel since 1988. The
organization's main focus has been in the areas of security, medical
aid, legal assistance, land redemption/preservation and education.

What principles define us

The Torah of Israel and the words of the prophets are the ideological
basis for the Nation of Israel. Any and all national decisions will be
based on this and only this ideology.

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and Mt. Moriah, site of the
Third Temple to be built in our day.

Every grain of sand and every stone in the Land of Israel are holy to
the Nation of Israel. No authority is allowed to relinquish any portion
of the land.

The political and spiritual leadership of the Nation of Israel must be
comprised of people possessing vision, absolute faith and
uncom-promising integrity.

The only home for the Nation of Israel is the Land of Israel. The
security and strength of the Nation of Israel is dependent on the
military, political and economic independence of Israel, which will be
achieved via the ingathering of the exiles and the removal of all
hostile elements from the land.

Basic Facts

OVER 100 communities benefiting

4000 Rapid Response Team members trained

2000 armored protective and combat vests designed, fabricated & distributed

OVER 500 protective vests & helmets for men, women & children purchased
and distributed throughout Yesha

32 security g'machim (loan committees)

45 medical g'machim (loan committees)

300 combat vests and assorted tactical equipment distributed to IDF units

HUNDREDS of cases defended by our legal program

TENS OF THOUSANDS of olive trees and grape vines planted

THOUSANDS of acres of land reclaimed throughout Yesha

HUNDREDS of agricultural and vocational work projects initiated
throughout Yesha

HUNDREDS of women subsidized for the purchase and trained by M.Y. in use
of firearms and other self-defense skills



MISHMERET YESHA initiated Security Free Loan Committees loaning
protective equipment to men, women and children traveling the roads of

MISHMERET YESHA, together with the IDF, developed the Rapid Response
Team Project and Project Mivtzar equipping and training of the volunteer
security teams comprised of residents of the outlying communities. The
IDF supplies team volunteers with firearms and provides the training
facilities, and Mishmeret Yesha trains and equips them with protective
and night vision equipment. Fighting terrorist infiltrators is the most
complicated war situation and requires a special skill set.

MISHMERET YESHA created project Haganat Hayishuv (community defense)
combining community courses and early warning detection systems.
MISHMERET YESHA designs, develops, fabricates and distributes
lightweight armored combat vests and equipment to the IDF reserve
infantry units since the 2006 Lebanon war: Project Nachalat Yehudah.

MISHMERET YESHA developed and operates its own sewing facilities in
Bet-El, Binyamin to design, fabricate, and distribute protective
security equipment to security projects in the outlying communities.


MISHMERET YESHA operates a three-part emergency medical program
involving the three stages of a terrorist attack: before, during and after.

Before terrorist attack:
Designs, fabricates and supplies armored medical vests for emergency
medical personnel.

During terrorist attack:
Establishes mini trauma rooms in the outlying communities where medical
evacuation is difficult if not impossible.

Afterterrorist attack:
Provides the rehabilitative free loan medical committees that loan and
deliver physical assist equipment to the wounded, handicapped and sick.


Since 1988, Mishmeret Yesha has been assisting and defending Jews in the
Land of Israel with its MATIR ASSURIM – THE JEWISH LEGAL FUND. This fund
assists Jews victimized by anti-Israel NGOs and government policies, and
who personally suffer from the Arab terror war let loose on the people
of Israel.


MISHMERET YESHA organizes and facilitates work projects and vocational
training courses for challenged youth before during and after army
service in various educa-tional institutions in the areas of organic
agriculture, woodwork, metalwork, the various building trades and the
organic breeding of chickens, goats and sheep.


MISHMERET YESHA assists individuals, farmers and outlying communities in
projects that enable them to redeem, rehabilitate, preserve and secure
the land.
These projects involve the clearing, fencing, planting and irrigating of
organic vineyards, olive and fruit trees with the purpose of
establishing cottage industries such as organic wineries, olive presses
and produce.

25 King George Blvd.
Jerusalem 94261 Israel
Tel: 02-625-1548
Fax: 02-624-6885

go up to Har HaBayit
4. It is permitted to go up to Har HaBayit
 Igros Moshe Orach Chiam, Chelek 2, Siman 113

Date added: 7/24/2008

   JERUSALEM -- Two Jewish security guards, imprisoned for shooting in the
air to disperse a group of Bedouins who had infiltrated their community,
have petitioned the president to decide immediately on their request for a
     Over two months ago, the Justice Ministry approved the pardon request
for Dan and Yitzhak Halamish, two brothers sentenced to seven and eight
months respectively and sent the request to the office of President Shimon
     On June 1, the president's office sent a letter to attorney Dov Even-Or
confirming that the pardon request had reached an advanced stage.
     "Your clients' request is being dealt with in the advanced stages,"
presidential aide on pardons, Ms. Talia Sukari-Lina said.
     Even-Or said his petition includes a request that the president be
forced to answer all pardon requests within 30 days.
     "50 days have passed since this letter [from the president]," Even-Or
said, "and still the president hasn't announced his decision."
     In his petition, Even-Or stressed that the president should be limited
to 90 days and if he still hasn't decided, the pardon should be
automatically approved.
     "The request form the petitioners for a pardon was presented in March,"
Even-Or said. "It's not reasonable that that they are sitting in jail while
the president struggles with a decision on their request."
     On May 4, Supreme Court Judge Salim Jubran rejected the previous appeal
by the Halamish brothers to postpone judicial proceedings until the
president considered their application for a pardon and ordered them
immediately to jail on May 5. Jubran is the same judge who rejected their
original right to appeal the conviction. The Supreme Court then extended the
beginning of the sentence to May 20.
     The brothers appealed to the Supreme Court after the president's office
advised the brothers to apply for a stay of proceedings, granted to a third
defendant, Baruch Feldbaum.
     The Halamish brothers, as part of their reserve military service, were
members of a security response team organized, equipped and trained by the
Israeli Army to help protect their community and surrounding region from
Arab attack. On Feb. 21, 2004, the brothers were summoned by another
security officer, Feldbaum, to help expel Bedouins who trespassed into the
Jewish community of Sdei Bar and were encamped near a student dormitory.
Bedouin tribes in the area had been deemed responsible for the killing of
several Jews in the area in previous years.
     Under the direction of Feldbaum, the Halamish brothers ordered the
bedouin squatters to leave. The Bedouins refused, and about 20 of them
approached the Jewish security officers with sticks and rocks. Feldbaum shot
toward the ground when the Bedouins continued to move closer.
     The response team later said that it shot in self-defense. An army medic
who arrived at the scene determined that nobody was struck by the gunfire,
an assertion disputed by the Bedouins.
     At that point, the military abandoned its own security team and allowed
a police investigation. Although police refused to conduct ballistic tests
or even a lineup of suspects, the brothers were convicted of shooting toward
the Bedouins. Dan was sentenced to seven months in prison; Yitzhak, to eight
     An Israeli appeals court said ballistic tests or a lineup weren't
necessary. The word of the Bedouins -- who refused to show up to police
headquarters to identify their purported assailants -- was enough.
     The court also rejected a recommendation by the probation officer for
community service. The three-judge panel said it wanted the Halamish
brothers to go to jail to serve as a lesson to others.
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